reasons why you must visit rwanda at least once n.
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Get Affordable Rwanda Vacation Packages and Visit Rwanda PowerPoint Presentation
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Get Affordable Rwanda Vacation Packages and Visit Rwanda

Get Affordable Rwanda Vacation Packages and Visit Rwanda

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Get Affordable Rwanda Vacation Packages and Visit Rwanda

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  1. Reasons Why You Must Visit Rwanda At Least Once in Your Life Rwanda is a beautiful little country in the heart of Africa. Surrounded by the famous tourist routes of Kenya or Tanzania, it might not seem a priori the most exciting of the options when choosing your next destination and, however, and like almost everything in Africa, you should not get carried away by first impressions. Still don't believe it? Here I tell you reasons how you can get Rwanda Safari Packages. Let’s know why you must visit Rwanda. Get out of your comfort zone If travelling generally represents the departure from your usual comfort zone, traveling to Rwanda - an unusual destination for Latinos - deepens the experience. Therefore, the first reason is actually advice: relax, open your mind, enjoy the landscape and, above all, learning.

  2. Rwanda as an economic power: the African tradition in the contemporary world Although its size means believing otherwise, Rwanda is one of the first economic powers of the entire African continent due to tourism and the mining and agricultural industries, mainly thanks to coffee and tea. As you Visit Kigali Rwanda, the modern avenues and tall skyscrapers are interspersed with traditional markets and the hundreds of colours of the local crafts and clothing fabrics. Keep reading this article to get amazing and Affordable Rwanda Vacation Packages. Gorillas in the mist! Do you remember the famous movie in which Sigourney Weaver plays the naturalist Dian Fossey on her flight to the African mountains to live among gorillas? You may have guessed it: Rwanda was the place where Diane came to dedicate her life to these animals and where her legacy still lives on, thanks to the Diane Fossey Research Center. It is solved with the funds obtained thanks to the (small) groups of hikers who visit the mountains and private actions such as the new Campus, financed by the American presenter Ellen DeGeneres. Find serenity between tea fields The tea and coffee industry has been one of the most important for the Rwandan economy throughout its history. The privilege of its climate between hills and mountains facilitates the cultivation, and the products are exported worldwide.

  3. In addition to having the opportunity to try them, imagine being able to sleep between tea fields with no more noise than the rain falling on the leaves of the plants. In the south of the country, the Nyungwe forest makes it possible. If the gorillas had not been enough, huge families of Golden Monkeys and chimpanzees would gladly welcome you in this area. Crafts based on a very peculiar element Handicrafts represent in all countries the materialization of a good part of their culture and tradition, something that also happens in Rwanda, with numerous handicrafts such as figures carved in wood or containers made with straw threads. However, when traveling to Rwanda, one handicraft stands out among all for its peculiarity: the Imigongo, paintings whose base is made with cow excrement. The beach of Lake Kivu The beach of Lake Kivu, one of the famous Great Lakes of the African continent, is another of the tourist attractions of Rwanda. It may not be the best beach you'll ever visit… but you can easily cross over to the Democratic Republic of the Congo from here and take a walk through the two countries. Source Link: