what are the main rwanda tourism attractions n.
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What are the Main Places to Visit in Rwanda PowerPoint Presentation
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What are the Main Places to Visit in Rwanda

What are the Main Places to Visit in Rwanda

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What are the Main Places to Visit in Rwanda

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  1. What are the Main Rwanda Tourism Attractions? Is It A Good Place to Visit? Rwanda is basically known as the land of a thousand hills, that country is very mountainous. The temperature of Rwanda is pretty moist, moderate climate all year around, the lush valleys, towering the mountains and also the stunning scenery that it offers. One of the main attractions which Rwanda has are the world's last remaining gorillas of mountains, they are very few in this whole world. So if you are planning a trip here then it will be the best opportunity for encountering these type of contemplative creatures, which actually were studied by the legend himself Dian Fossey, and that thing continues to attract the visitors to Rwanda. As a result, safari experiences in this part of the world are vastly different to anywhere else in Africa - there are no tarmac roads in the parks and each foray into the wild depends on patience and the tracking skills of your guide. Which is as it should be, because Africa is truly wild at heart! You will probably never be more humbled than you are in the presence of a mountain gorilla. So prepare for the ultimate in humility as you trek through dense forests in Uganda and Rwanda in search of these greatest of apes and the absolute privilege of a gorilla encounter. Mountain gorillas are that type of creatures which are the largest of all the primates and also the rarest of all the three subspecies which are available in gorillas. You will surely enjoy the

  2. Chimpanzee Trekking in Rwanda. The eastern and the western lowland gorillas are very much smaller in their size and they are also bigger in their population than the mountain gorillas. The adult silverback gorillas can easily weigh up to 250kg and more which are then selected by the females gorillas based on their particular size and dominance. Mainly they are ground dwellers, the mountain gorillas always prefers being in the open canopy rainforest where they are able to get the light and let me tell you that the light comes all the way to the floor of the forest and they basically love feeding in the pockets of bamboo. Their intelligence is much legendary as their size is and they do not have 1 percent of fear from the humans, which has sadly helped in speeding up their demise. There are a lot of good Places to Visit in Rwanda; some of them are the national parks, the wildlife safari, and the volcano parks, watching the mountain gorillas and many more like that. The groups of gorillas often vary in their size; they can be from a handful and go up to 20 at a time. Sadly, you can see that there has been massive damage done on to the remaining populations of gorillas in the past years. So you should always take care of them and tell people also to do it. For more information on this topic visit Source Link: Source Link: