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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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Harry Potter

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  1. Harry Potter

  2. Harrys Friends Hermione Granger is the head strong best friend She takes charge and makes sure Harry and Ron don’t get in more trouble than what is necessary

  3. Harry’s Friends Ron Weasley is the youngest boy from the Weasley family. His oldest brother Percy was head boy and his little sister Ginney is the prettiest girl around. This leaves Ron a little insecure but still the very best friend to Harry Potter. They battle together and always stick together.

  4. Harry’s Friends Hagrid is Half giant and half wizard. He plays an important role in Harry’s life. He was the one who brought Harry to his aunts house, took him away to Hogwarts at 11 and away for good at the age of 17.

  5. Harry’s Enemies The death eaters are a group led by Lord Valdemort The are out to take over the wizarding community and cleanse it of mudbloods

  6. Dumbledore Albus Dumbledore is the most secretive person in the story. He has a dark past he does not share, a brother he does not talk about and a manipulative side that few realize is there. His intentions are good though and he only shares what he must for the greater good.

  7. Hogwarts Hogwarts is the school where all of the action takes place. If you follow this link you can learn more about the castle. Hogwarts online

  8. Creatures There are many creatures at Hogwarts and in the wizarding world Interact with these creatures using this link. You can explore Hippogriffs, Aragog, the hound and many more.

  9. Now a chance to test your knowledge What holds in store for the wizarding world of Harry Potter

  10. Harry Potter Hogwarts Horcrux Mythical figures Gryffindor Harry 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 Jeopardy

  11. Question: Hogwarts#1 How do students get to the castle on the arrival of their first year?

  12. Question: Hogwarts #2 The four house names

  13. Question: Hogwarts #3 The headmaster after Dumbledore.

  14. Question: Horcrux#1 This person who came out of the diary.

  15. Question: Horcrux #2 The horcrux destroyed by Ron and the sword of Gryffindor.

  16. Question: Horcrux #3 The name of the final horcrux, the snak.

  17. Question: Mythical Creatures #1 This spider tried to kill Harry Potter.

  18. Question: Mythical creatures#2 The bird like creature that Harry saves from execution.

  19. Question: Mythical Creatures#3 The creature that gaurds the entrance to the sorcercerors stone. Also known as fluffy

  20. Question: Gryffindor#1 This person is head boy Harry’s first year.

  21. Question: Gryffindor #2 These person is in a picture that Leads to the entrance of the house.

  22. Question: Gryffindor #3 The emblem for the house is this animal.

  23. Question: Harry #1 The town Harry was born in.

  24. Question: Harry #2 The age Harry was when he went to Hogwarts.

  25. Question: Harry #3 Harry’s Godfather.

  26. Hogwarts#1 Answer: What is the boats on the water?

  27. Hogwarts #2 Answer: What is Griffindor, slitherin, ravenclaw and hufflepuff?

  28. Hogwarts #3 Answer: What is the Snape?

  29. Horcrux#1 Answer: Who is Tom Riddler?

  30. Horcrux #2 Answer: What is the Locket?

  31. Horcrux#3 Answer: Who is Nagini?

  32. Mythical Creatures #1 Answer: Who is Aragog?

  33. Mythical Creatures#2 Answer: What is a hippogriff?

  34. Mythical Creatures#3 Answer: What is a three headed dog?

  35. Gryffindor #1 Answer: Who is Percy Weasley?

  36. Gryffindor #2 Answer: Who is the fat lady?

  37. Gryffindor #3 Answer: What is the lion?

  38. Harry#1 Answer: What is Godrics Hollow?

  39. Harry #2 Answer: What is age 11?

  40. Harry #3 Answer: Who is Sirius Black?