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What is the highest mark in British schools?. 50/50. A) A. A) A. B) B. C) F. D) G. English children start going to school at the age of …. 50/50. A) 8. B) 7. C) 6. D) 5. D) 5. There are 2 days a week when British pupils don ’ t go to school. They are:. 50/50. A) Sunday & Monday.

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  1. What is the highest mark in British schools? 50/50 A) A A) A B) B C)F D) G

  2. English children start going to school at the age of … 50/50 A) 8 B) 7 C)6 D) 5 D) 5

  3. There are 2 days a week when British pupils don’t go to school. They are: 50/50 A) Sunday & Monday B) Friday & Saturday C) Saturday & Sunday C)Saturday & Sunday D) Saturday & Monday

  4. Which is GB’s oldest university? 50/50 A) Cambridge B) Oxford B) Oxford C)London D) Edinburgh

  5. What universities have the highest academic reputation in the UK? 50/50 A) London & Bristol B) Redbrick Universities C) Cambridge & Oxford C)Cambridge & Oxford D) Glasgow & Edinburgh

  6. What is the school-leaving age in the UK? 50/50 A) 15 B) 16 B) 16 C)17 D) 18

  7. High school is … 50/50 A) a college B) a university B) a university C)a very good school D) upper grades of secondary school

  8. What is the first degree awarded by universities? 50/50 A) a bachelor’s degree A) a bachelor’s degree B) a master’s degree C)adoctor’s degree D) nothing

  9. Secondary education in Britain is … 50/50 A) compulsive B) voluntary C)optional D) compulsory D) compulsory

  10. In England “public school” means … 50/50 A) state financed school B) private school B) private school C)comprehensive school D) religious school

  11. What school do children start to attend at 7 years? 50/50 A) infant school B) secondary school C) junior school C)junior school D) high school

  12. Which is the largest university in England by student number? 50/50 A) The Open University A) The Open University B) The University of Manchester C)The University of Leeds D) The University of Nottingham

  13. Which of the following stages of British education is not obligatory? 50/50 A) nursery school A) nursery school B) primary school C)secondary school D) high school

  14. Who helps schoolchildren to cross the street near the school? 50/50 A) a fireman B) a policeman C) a lollipop man C)a lollipop man D) a teacher

  15. What do we call the following pattern of tuition: six month college and six month in industry? 50/50 A) further education B) secondary education C)full-time tuition D) “sandwich” courses D) “sandwich” courses

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