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Veera Nieminen University of Jyväskylä

What strategies do college-age Finnish women use to cope with a romantic relationship termination ?. Veera Nieminen University of Jyväskylä.

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Veera Nieminen University of Jyväskylä

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  1. Whatstrategiesdocollege-ageFinnishwomenuse to copewith a romanticrelationshiptermination? Veera Nieminen University of Jyväskylä

  2. ”I love to shop after a badrelationship. I don’tknow. I buy a new outfit and itmakes me feelbetter. It just does. Sometimesif I see a reallygreatoutfit, I’llbreakupwithsomeone on purpose.” – Rita Rudner

  3. introduction • Why to examine? • The purpose of the study • Hypotheses • Sources • Data gatheringmethods • Data analysismethods

  4. Copingwith a breakup – why is itsomething to examine • Hasbeen a common factor for adaptiveproblemsfor individualsovertime • Cancauseanxiety, moodsymptoms and sometimesevenpsychologicaldisorder • There is muchresearchaboutcopingstrategiesbutnotsomuch in thisspesificsituation • To gatherknowledgeaboutwhatarethosethingsthatmake a breakupstressful life event – whatkind of emotionsareexperienced and howdoeseveryday life change • To getknowledgethatcanbeapplied to supportcopingwhen a relationshipterminates

  5. The purpose of the study • To find out whatthingsdoes a breakupcause to thatneed to bedealtwith • To find out whatdifferentstrategiesareused to copewiththesethings

  6. Hypotheses • A breakupcausesmanythingsthatneed to bedealtwith • Compared to stressful life events in general, ending of a relationship is a highlyemotionalwhichcauses a need to dealwiththeseoccuringemotions • Manydifferentcopingstrategiesareused • Social coping – instrumentaloremotional - is a common way to dealwith a romanticrelationshiptermination

  7. Data gatheringmethods • An internetquestionnaire • Demographicbackground • Open-endedquestionsaboutthingsthatareexperienced to bedifficult in breakingup • Open-endedquestionsaboutcopingstrategiesthatareused to copewithbreakup

  8. Criticalsources • Billings, A. G. & Moos, R. H. (1980). The role of copingresponses and social resources in attenuating the stress of life events. Journal of BehavioralMedicine, 1981: 4(2) • Buss, D. M. & Perilloux, C. (2008). Breakingupromanticrelationships: Costsexperienced and copingstrategiesdeployed. Evolutionarypsychology. 6(1): 164-181 • Carver, S., Scheier, M. F. & Weintraub, J. K. (1989). AssessingCopingStrategies: A TheoreticallyBasedApproach. Journal  of  personality  and social psychology.1989, 56(2), 267-283 • Davis, D., Shaver, V. & Vernon, M.L. (2003). Physical, emotional and behavioralreactions to breakingup: the roles of gender, age, emotionalinvolvement and attachmentstyle. Personality and social psychology bulletin 2003 29: 871

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