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The Joy Luck Club

The Joy Luck Club. The Red Candle The Moon Lady . The Red Candle.

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The Joy Luck Club

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  1. The Joy Luck Club The Red Candle The Moon Lady

  2. The Red Candle “I once sacrificed my life to keep my parents’ promise. This means nothing to you, Waverly, because to you promises mean nothing. A daughter can promise to come to dinner, but if she has a headache, if she is in a traffic jam, if she wants to watch a favorite movie on TV, she no longer has a promise.” p 19

  3. Symbol Symbol = sign Hidden (secret) message Uses a thing or an action to show a deeper meaning

  4. Symbol 1. Can you find the symbol? “To Chinese people, fourteen carats isn’t real gold. Feel my bracelets. They must be twenty-four carats, pure inside and out.”p. 19(3) 2. What is the symbol compared to?

  5. Symbol 1. Can you find the symbol? “The only nice room was a sitting room on the first floor, which was used for receiving guests. It contained many precious things that gave the impression of wealth and ancient tradition. The rest of the house was plain and uncomfortable and noisy with the complaints of twenty or more relations.”p 21 (1) 2. What is the symbol compared to?

  6. matchmaker / amah / servant matchmaker – a person who brings two people together to get married amah – housemaid servant – housemaid

  7. Look down / Lose face Look down = to show/give NO respect “I realized they had a much better position than my family, which is why they looked down on us.” p 20 (5) Lose face = lose respect “But I was also determined to respect my parents’ words, so that Huang Taitai could never accuse my mother of losing face.” p 21 (2)

  8. sacrifice to give up something

  9. karat a unit of measurement for gold

  10. boast to speak with great honor/pride

  11. persuade use words or actions so a person believes your idea

  12. selfish a person who doesn’t share

  13. annoy anger, bother, upset

  14. servant a person who helps somebody

  15. blame to say someone is in error or wrong

  16. obey follow the rules

  17. confession admit to tell something you were trying to hide

  18. desire want, wish, need

  19. (un) tidy not clean, clean

  20. clever (ness) smart

  21. despair misery, sadness, no hope

  22. innocence pure, good

  23. curious wonder

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