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Convertifire REVIEW - DEMO of Convertifire PowerPoint Presentation
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Convertifire REVIEW - DEMO of Convertifire

Convertifire REVIEW - DEMO of Convertifire

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Convertifire REVIEW - DEMO of Convertifire

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  1. Convertifire – 3x More Sales + Leads…Without MoreTraffic! • Convertifire is a feedback tool so easy and powerful to use, nothing else on the market could touch it. It is the world’s most powerful conversion machine that’s revolutionizing the way you market in 2017 and beyond using top of the linefeatures. • • ConvertifireOverview • Bonuses: [EXCLUSIVE] You will get any of the bonus packs inbelow: • GIANT Bonuses Pack1 • SPECIAL Bonuses Pack2 • ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack3 • HUGE Bonuses Pack4 • MEGA Bonuses Pack5 • What IsConvertifire? • If you could increase your conversions, all the way up to 512% — what would that mean to you and yourbusiness? • Way more leads, way more sales, and a ton more profits ofcourse! • >> You’ll boost conversions, increase sales, and grow your company INSTANTLY If youuse • Convertifire on your pagestoday! • A handful of BETA testers and marketers have been secretly using this alternative to expensive solutions like Clicktale, Hotjar, Inspectlet, and CrazyEgg (which charge up to thousands per year for broken and screwed updata) • Access to featureslike:

  2. Record Sessions / Playbacks of EachVisitor • Heatmaps by Clicks, Eye-Tracking, Scroll, andElements • Conversion Funnels & FormAnalysis • Feedback Polls &Surveys • Desktop, Tablet, PhoneTracking • Works on ALLBROWSERS • In-DepthAnalytics • And a tonmore… • >> At a ONE-TIME, Lifetimeinvestment! • In matter of fact the the people behind this have vetted their competition so thoroughly the came to a terrifyingdiscovery • The ‘go-to’ guys use the ‘iFrame method’… A simple overlay over your live site thatshows • the recordings on top ofit… • This is BAD because ALL previous recordings and heatmaps are screwed up after youmake • your first edit… Making that data totallyuseless. • They don’t save your website, which means you can do proper comparisons, or A/Bsplit • tests. • With Convertifire this all is possible. Plus they are revealing a bunch of new features that raving customers have been askingfor. • NEW Featureslike… • Trackinglines • Live heatmap onRecordings • Element zoom onclick

  3. Plus… Entirely complete with Session info and all data you need to make perfect changesto your website in order to increase conversionsfast. Convertifire is a feedback tool so easy and powerful to use, nothing else on the market could touch it. It is the world’s most powerful conversion machine that’s revolutionizing the way you market in 2017 and beyond using top of the linefeatures. >> Frankly, the list goes on and on… as you’ll see on thispage It’s almost like you have Jedi-like powers… Eliminate the guesswork. Stop relying on ‘best practice’, and finally know your ownmetrics. Tweak your visitors’ objections to help boost conversion, increase sales and grow your company! How Does ConvertifireWork? Special Features ofConvertifire: The World’s Most Powerful ConversionMachine… That’s Revolutionizing the Way You Market in 2017 (and Beyond) Using Top-of-the- LineFeatures! 1. Heatmaps

  4. Understand what visitors want, care about and do on your site by seeing their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior – strong indicators motivation anddesire. • ClickHeatmaps • ConfettiHeatmaps • ElementHeatmaps • ScrollHeatmaps • Eye-MovementHeatmaps • BevahioralRecordings • Eliminate guesswork by seeing your visitor’s clicks, taps and mouse movements,and • identify issues they encounter. Take backcontrol! • Replay visitorsessions • Tag & ShareRecordings • Take notes, viewactions. • Filter yourRecordings

  5. ConversionFunnels • Optimize your money maker! Optimize for improvement and testing by identifying at which step in the funnel visitors are droppingoff. • Setup unlimitedsteps • Watch drop-offrecordings • Compare Funnels (Old vs.New) • FormAnalysis • Do your forms convert? Increase conversions and completion rates on sign up forms by discovering which fields are notperforming. • Visualize form and fieldengagement • Identify problematicfields

  6. View drop-offs and submissionstats • FeedbackPolls • Know the reasons behind your visitor’s behavior with polls that can be tied to specific user recording sessions. Be able visualize their entireexperience. • Get feedback directly from sitevisitors • Multiple question types includingNPS • Visualize feedback andresults • Customizablewidget • FeedbackSurveys • Get inside your visitor’s mind! Build responsive surveys to collect responses in real- time from any device. Answers represented in finger-lickinggraphs! • test

  7. An All-in-one solution – packed with powerfulfeatures. • Unlimitedusers • Invite your entire team at no added cost! Specify user roles & rights withease. • DetectsDevice • Works on Desktop, Mobile & Tablet versions of your site. Also detects browsersize. • Use on unlimitedsites • Install & use Convertifire on Unlimited sites and on unlimited pages perorganization. • Easy 30 secondinstall • No headaches. Quick, simple install. Copy & paste 1 single line of code on to yoursite. • BlockIPs • Only get reliable data by excluding tracking for yourself, or your team by blockingIPs. • Complete WebsiteSaves • No iFrame method that renders your data invalid after your first edits of yourpages. • Works on everysite • Platform proof; HMTL, WordPress, ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Shopify, andmore! • ShareFindings

  8. Share heatmaps, recordings, survey & poll results with otherseasily! • AdvancedFiltering • Easily filter data on operating system, which browser they use, referral source, and more! • How ItWorks: • Next To IncreasingConversions… • Here are some more of the things you can do with it! • Compare taps and click before & after tweaks. • Change page copy to reflect visitorobjections. • Give your boss proofs of what works, ornot. • Overhaul forms to generate moreleads. • Impress your team & colleagues with visualinsights. • Test what content works best above ‘the fold’. • Understand why test pages do not beat yourcontrol. • Discover how visitors react to longer or shorterpages. • Improvenavigation. • Discover what to move higher or lower on yourpages. • Uncover & remove distracting elements on yourpage. • Discover ‘false bottoms’ in yourpages. • Identify confusing elements &copy. • Think like a visitors by understanding theirmindset. • Identify BIG opportunities by prioritizingtests • Change layout to streamline navigation andUX. • Identify content needed to be added to thepage • Confirm hypothesis before creating newelements.

  9. Reveal your visitors’ pattern of reading thepage. • Identify & move elements on your page. • Generate new A/B testideas. • Identify UX issues frustrating to visitors. • Remove or rethink ignoredcontent. • See which type of imagery worksbest. • See how different traffic sources behave on yoursite. • Know whether your CTAs are attractingattention. • Who Should UseConvertifire? • Their goal was to create a feedback tool so easy and powerful to use, nothing else on the market could touch it. It had to have these features: • Let complete BEGINNERS to optimizing setup profitable campaign inminutes • Allow experienced optimizers to speed up their analyzing plus testing— • effortlessly • Plug ‘n Play with any platform: ClickFunnels, OptimizePress, InstaBuilder, everything! • Run it on unlimited sites & pages with ZERO risk of your site slowing down in theprocess! • Why Should You Get Convertifire Now? • Similar services like Clicktale, Hotjar, and CrazyEgg cost over $1000+ per year for the same data sets, plus include limitations. • By having the Convertifire next-gen technology run on your site. you’ll enjoy even better and more accurate technology that will give you better and more clear data. For a fraction of the cost, and much more usersessions • The creators of this software are offering a 67% discount on their Convertifire software, at a ONE-TIME payment with NO ongoing fees and Norestrictions. • Hurry though, since these guys are serious… They are going to run this special offer for just a few days before closing it downcompletely. • They will go full SaaS after this, meaning subscription based fees. This is the onlytime • you’ll enjoy everything for just a one-timefee.

  10. Besides, You’ll Get These Exclusive Bonuses Belonw When You Purchase ConvertifireToday Exclusive Bonuses From Convertifire Super Bonus #1 –Graphicfire Valued at $297 Yours FREE! Personal Use & ClientUse Make your sites look like a Million Bucks! With these graphics you really appear like a professional, and instantly position yourself as the authority! These images are battle- tested and proven to improve your conversions and and sales… However, now with Convertifire you can exactly see what image is giving you the best Conversions! You can use these graphics for your clients aswell! • Super Bonus #2 –Pagefire • Valued at Yours FREE! Personal Use & ClientUse • What about the face of your offers? Your Sales Page! With this Sales Page Toolbox you’ll be able to whip up Sales Pages fast and easy, you’ll look like a professional, and INSTANTLY claim authority with your slick looking HIGH CONVERTING pages! This bonus includes 4 Page-Builders forWordPress. • Pro Tip: Use Convertifire to boost your Conversions evenhigher! • Sales Page Wizard: Step by step software that creates a salespages • Business Booster Vol. 1: Creates INSTANT Sales page on yoursite • Business Booster Vol. 2: Creates INSTANT Sales page on yoursite • Profit Page Creator: Create money pages in less than aminute Super Bonus #3 –Magnetfire

  11. Valued at Yours FREE! Personal Use & Client Use + Give-Away Rights + WhitelabelRights! These plugins are created by our in-house developers and have generatedover $100,000 revenue over the last 2 years. Use these plugins for your own business, client’s business, and you can also use them to generate leads as you get full give- away rights and sellingrights! Here’s What’sIncluded: Each of these plugins cost us $200 and up to develop, you’re getting thesefor FREE: Super Bonus #4 –Mysteryfire Valued at YoursFREE! Personal Use & Client Use + Give-Away + WhitelabelRights! Inside this super bonus are multiple WordPress Themes and Plugins. All designed to help you convert better, set up website quick and easy… And while it includes multiple other cool goodies, the real value is the “Give-Away” feature! That’s more LeadMagnets to help you grow yourlist!

  12. What’s Inside The MysteryBox? • Here’s a small peak inside: 9 WordPress Themes and 5 more WordPress Plugins. The plugins are all aimed to boost your conversions. The themes help you to setup shop in any niche fast, it includes: Restaurant Theme, Call Directory Theme, Movie Review Theme, Coupon Discount Theme, and lotsmore… • Super Bonus #5 –Leadfire • Valued at Yours FREE! Personal Use & ClientUse • YOU’RE ALLOWED TO SELL 300 LICENSES OF EACHAPP! • Yes. Full resell rights are included. You get 300 access tokens for each application. And you can decide for how much you want to sell these accesstokens! • This Super Bonus Exists out of 2 SaaS applications that are designed to convert your traffic in leads right there where you need it most…The Facebook Newsfeed. It allows you to get more traffic to your sites, a perfect fit for Convertifire as you get more traffic to test, play, and convert them into leads andbuyers! • Conclusion • Convertifire in anutshell… • They’ll make 100% sure you get the best of thebest! • Easy setup, works out of the box. No tech-headaches, pinkypromise! • Convertifire’s features will help your business to grow fast andeasy. • They have a combined online experience of over 20+years! • You got 24/7 support. They are here to help you with anyquestions!

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