the bahamas researched via http wikipedia org n.
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The Bahamas Researched via: wikipedia PowerPoint Presentation
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The Bahamas Researched via: wikipedia

The Bahamas Researched via: wikipedia

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The Bahamas Researched via: wikipedia

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  1. The BahamasResearched via: Student Name: Kayla Gordon Date: June 8, 2009

  2. Where is Bahamas located? • The Bahamas is an independent English speaking country. • It is located in the Atlantic Ocean southeast of the U.S.A. • Its size is about 14,000km.sq. with an estimated population of 333,000. • Its capital is Nassau.

  3. Flag, Motto, Anthem: Motto: "Forward, Upward, Onward Together" Anthem: “March On, Bahamaland” Royal Anthem: “God Save the Queen”

  4. History: The Taino people move into the uninhabited southern Bahamas from Cuba. The origin of the name "Bahamas" is unclear. It may derive from the Spanish baja mar, meaning "shallow seas“. There remain significant challenges in areas such as education, health care, international narcotics trafficking and illegal immigration from Haiti.

  5. Economy: • The Central Bank of The Bahamas states that it uses reserve requirements, changes in the Bank discount rate and selective credit controls, supplemented by moral suasion as main instruments of monetary policy, the objective of which is to keep stable conditions, including credit, in order to maintain the parity between the U.S. dollar and the Bahamian dollar while allowing economic development to proceed.

  6. Famous people/role model: This is Rick Fox, an actor and former basketball player. His father is Bahamian. This makes him partially from the Bahamas.

  7. What do you like the most about Bahamas? I like the Bahamian culure. As shown in the picture to the right, they have festivals such as Junkanoo. It is a street parade that occurs every Boxing Day.