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Helpful Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day PowerPoint Presentation
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Helpful Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day

Helpful Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day

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Helpful Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day

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  1. Helpful Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day

  2. 1. The first golden rule to remember for wedding makeup is it has to last all day and by this, we mean it will outlast all the crying, kissing, hugging and eating you're sure to be doing. At this point in your life, you need a full proof makeup to achieve this goal.

  3. 2. Second on the rule list is to bring out what best features you have. This is not the right time to show off how good you are in makeup application. The simpler, the better because as the saying goes, "less is more."

  4. 3. If you want to hire the services of a makeup artist, don't hesitate or be embarrassed to tell him or her what makeup you want. If you have a specific color in mind, let the makeup professional know. However, it would also be good if you would be open to what suggestions he or she may have regarding the look you want as the whole objective is to make you look your absolute best.

  5. 4. One word: Decollete. Especially if your dress calls for it. A tiny bit of sift shimmer makes the perfect flourish for your best look.

  6. 5. Keep in mind that foundations and powders give a different effect in pictures due to the light they reflect differently. To be on the safe side, it would be wise to have your makeup photographed with a flash a day before your wedding. Make sure to include your neck when you blend your foundation so that your face won't have a different color from your body.

  7. 6. Have your facial several days prior to the big day. Such treatments can make your skin and face look blemished and irritated for a couple of days following the treatment and that is the last thing you would want to look! 7. Pluck and shape your eyebrows a day before because doing this on the day itself may have them looking red, irritated or swollen.

  8. 8. Wear your contact lenses before makeup application. 9. This is easy to say but hard to do. Still, it's worth saying that you shouldn't stress too much as this can cause your skin impurities. If you happen to have any blemishes, resist the temptation to prick as this can only worsen them.

  9. 10. You will always be what you eat and this is clearly reflected in your skin so munch on vegetables and fruits to have skin with a healthy glow. Drink lots of water as well to help keep it hydrated. Resources:

  10. Thank you for reading my presentation!