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IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7 PowerPoint Presentation
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IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7

IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7

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IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7

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  1. ALL203 IBM Lotus Notes andDomino 7 Andrew Pollack Northern Collaborative Technologies

  2. Who am I? Andrew Pollack • Principal, Northern Collaborative Technologies • Certified with Lotus Notes since version 2 • IBM Lotus Beacon Award • Finalist in 1999, Winner in 2003 • Author of NCT Search for Lotus Domino • Proud member of the The Penumbra Group • Firefighter – When not driving a keyboard, I drive the big red truck

  3. About this Presentation • This is a ‘fly-by’ of new features • Focus is on what’s Important about 7 • What IBM says is Important • What I think is import • Created in August based on “Milestone 2” • Updates are likely, and will be posted • BASED ON BETA – Things WILL change • Focus on Admin, Designer, & Client • I try to put the ‘meat’ on the slides

  4. The Obligatory Commercial • Most of the speakers at this conference are available to help you! • That’s the real reason we do this • Real experts guarantee results • Catch up with me during the conference if you want expert help Now, on with the show... If this was TIVO I could fast forward… Major Release

  5. Perspective: What makes this a “Major Release” I say so! • To IBM: No longer the odd man out • Real Integration with IBM DB2 • Real Integration with Tivoli • Enhanced Integration with WAS • The beginning of integration with Workplace • To Developers: Works & plays better with others • Much easier to build Java or VS front end tools • Much better for relational data storage • Much better Java support • Integration with new MS Office features Major Release

  6. The Lotus Notes 7 Macintosh Story-- Two slices • Commitment to Lotus Notes 7 on Macintosh became public in August • Initial client to be based on 6.5.4 code stream, certified to work with ND7 • Stay tuned to fined out what this means • Full featured N7 client with instant messaging probably a maintenance release

  7. New Server & Administrative Features Lotus Notes and Domino 7 are huge for back end management

  8. The Lotus Domino 7 Server • DB2 Integration • Well thought through -- it provides the basis for more relational, and more traditional applications • Performance Enhancements • Reports of 50% increase in performance on NotesBench using R6Mail and R6iNotes • Management Enhancements • ND7 really fleshes out SMTP controls & policy enforcement

  9. Three kinds of DB2 Integration • Store Domino Data within DB2 • Access Specific Domino Data from DB2 • Create a Notes view of DB2 Data • Overview here, Details in “ALL307”

  10. Store Domino Data in DB2 • For Beta 2, Requires DB2 on the Same Box • Classic NSF or DB2NSF on a per database basis • Servers Only, clients continue to use NSF files • Transparent to users • Mostly transparent to administrators • Using a DB2NSF does not imply sharing data • Not presently being represented as a performance gain

  11. Give DB2 Access to Domino Data • Design Element called a “DB2 Access View” • Defines data in Domino as a Table to DB2 • Not the same as a Notes View • No access from Notes Client • Exception: SQL Views see it as DB2 Data • Domino Security Is Enforced • Including Reader Names

  12. Creating a DB2 Access View

  13. Use a “Query View” to access DB2 Data • Data may be from a Domino DB2 Access View • To open the note, you must include the noteid in the SQL select statement • Query can be dynamic • Example: @Prompt() popup to determine view content • Query can “Join” DB2 data • Join two Domino DB2 Access Views to see data from more than one Domino database in a single view

  14. Defining a Query View

  15. Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM) • Tivoli Autonomic Monitoring Engine (TAME) • Consolidates reporting across servers • Works by itself in Domino • Integrates with Tivoli Enterprise Console • Supports 3rd Party Plug-ins • Highly programmable automatic responses

  16. The Tivoli Analyzer for Lotus Domino • Separate installation – worth trying

  17. Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM) • Individual monitoring probes are tailored to Domino issues • More than just “Is the server running” • Example: Report on Agent Manager sessions that run long or use too much memory • Build your own “probes” that check specific aspects of your custom applications • Provides likely causes and common solutions to reported problems

  18. Resolution Center Makes Recommendations

  19. New Mail Processing & Anti-spam features Private List is going to do well In this army • DNS White Lists • Provide exceptions to black list use • Private Black Lists • Allow easy to manage customization • Private White Lists • Allow easy to manage override • Mail Rules use info from White/Black list checks • New Mail Rule to “Stop Processing” further rules • Standard Disclaimers Major Release

  20. Combine General DNS Based Listswith Manual “Private” lists DNS based white lists – home grown or internal DNS DNS based Black lists like “spamcom” Private Manual list of additional hosts to block Private Manual list of hosts to allow though

  21. Combine mail rules to utilize the results of the white lists and black lists

  22. Enhancements to Smart Update • Kits are detached in the background • Shared upgrade kits failover • Smart Update requests are cluster aware • Administrator can limit concurrent downloads from a single server • Notification by mail of status by machine or user

  23. LEI Improvements • LEI now supports failover • processing will switch to cluster peers • LEI Administrator is IM aware • Better testing for connections from forms • Improved scheduling for activities • Virtual Documents support backend changes • Behavior controls can be based on dependant process outcome

  24. Other New Administrative Features • Mozilla is supported for WebAdmin! • This means Firefox as well! Editing the server’s NOTES.INI from a workstation in Firefox

  25. More New Administrative Features • New Policy Type for Mail & CS • Especially useful for disclaimers

  26. Even More New Administrative Features • Client side HTTP compression supported • Policy Lock Down • Force clients to accept and use admin policies • IPv6 is now supported • Support for 1024-bit RSA and 128-bit RC2 Notes Keys • LDAP now supports Aliases & UNIDs

  27. Developers get new stuff too!

  28. The Designer Perspective • DB2 Integration • It REALY means new solutions to old problems • The biggest new thing, to IBM • Standards march forward • Native Web Services • Major step forward toward hybrid applications • The biggest new developer thing, to Andrew • Java support enhanced • XML Parser updated • A few new design features

  29. The Designer Perspective – The REAL News • LotusScript is NOT dead • Fully supports all the new features • Serious investment has been made • Web Services element COULD have been Java Only – Its not. This should END speculation about LotusScript’s continued usefulness.

  30. DB2 Integration in Designer • Two sides of the coin • Query Views • Data from DB2 • Displayed in Notes • DB2 Access Views (DAVs) • Data from Domino • Accessed in DB2 • Obeys Domino Security Access View DB2 Domino Data Query View O D B C Traditional RDB applications

  31. Query Views – Data from DB2 displayed in Notes • No pre-built indexes in the NSF • Possible storage and performance boost for databases that change frequently • Selection can be changed on the fly per user • Use @Prompt narrow selection • Complex SQL can fit different kinds of data into the same view design • Does this make the Notes client a reporting tool? • Finally, use @Username to select data

  32. Use SQL right in the selection formula

  33. DB2 Access Views – Free the Domino Data • Distinct Design element • not just a view type • Not visible in the client • except through Query Views • Defines Lotus Notes “Information” in a Relational Data model • Enforces Domino Security

  34. Creating a DB2 Access View

  35. Like Chocolate & Peanut Butter • Or Beer and Pretzels -- They go well together • DAVs from two Notes databases can make up a single Query View – breaking the .NSF barrier! • If a valid NOTEID from a DAV is selected, the referenced document can be opened from the view

  36. Standards March Forward – Java Improvements • The JVM is now 1.4.1 • Remote Java Debugging • Use 3rd party debuggers, like Eclipse • This is a good thing Standards are great! Especially when there are more than one! Major Release

  37. Even more Standards – Web Services Support • Provider only, for now • New Design Element – works like a web agent • Creates the WSDL for you • Creates skeleton code from existing WSDL • Security options are identical to Agents • LotusScript is fully supported, as is Java

  38. New Methods & Properties • NotesAdministrationProcess.ApproveHostedOrgStorageDeletion • Primarily used by the Admin client • NotesDatabase.GetModifiedDocuments • Like but includes design notes as well • NotesDocumentCollection.UntilTime • An upper limit (less than) time on which notes to return in a collection • NotesDOMNode • NamespaceURI, CreateAttributeNodeNS, CreateElementNodeNS • GetElementsByTagNameNS, GetAttributeNodeNS, GetAttributeNS • GetElementsByTagNameNS, RemoveAttributeNS, SetAttributeNodeNS • SetAttributeNS

  39. New Formula Language Additions • Not many needed – Formula language was vastly improved in ND6 • @PolicyIsFieldLocked • For use in hide-when formulas, determines if a field is locked • @Command([DiscoverFolders]) • Pops up the dialog box showing which folders contain the document

  40. Autosave option in form design • Saves a local copy of the current document periodically in case of crash • Document is NOT updated to the server at this time • Used to avoid loss of work when documents are open in edit mode for long periods of time • Designer option to ENABLE the feature for a form, user option to make use of it

  41. New Features in View Design • Shared Columns • At long last! • Actions can be added to “Right Click” • A long requested item

  42. Other New Designer Features • Java & LotusScript Agent Performance Profiler • Works on Web Services too • XML Parser has been updated • Toggle icon for debugger • Design element lists show more information, easier to edit

  43. Updates to the Lotus Notes 7 Client

  44. Microsoft Office Smart Tags • New Microsoft Office Smart Tags are supported • Send mail, view contact details, invite contacts to a meeting Hey, this is just like that “Situational Awareness” they keep talking about Major Release

  45. Set up Smart Tags in Microsoft Office Check both “Person Name” “Person (Lotus Notes Recognizer)”

  46. Cool new Lotus Notes 7 client stuff • “Close All Window Tabs” menu option • Save Window State – re-open notes with the same views, documents, and databases open • Autosave – for those really long documents you’ve been writing

  47. Views now correctly open in the background Views don’t lock the client You’re on a “Need to know” basis Major Release

  48. Lotus Workplace in the Welcome Page Wizard • Enhanced support for “Lotus Workplace” in the Welcome Page Wizard

  49. Instant Messaging awareness has been added almost everywhere Keep your eyes open and stay aware! • More awareness in the mail client • Awareness in the address books • Awareness in more templates • Awareness in configuration docs • Could we be more aware? • Expect awareness to be pretty much universal by the time this thing is released Major Release

  50. The Lotus Notes Client – Mail Updates • Note: Mail Template updates are frequently the last things added to the beta versions. Watch for more as the release gets closer • “No Subject” warning when sending mail • Mail can be sorted by subject • Mail threads can be made visible within mail documents