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DTYO. Decatur Township Youth Organization. DTYO…. Overview. DTYO is a collaboration of all the community leaders of the youth sports programs of Decatur Township.

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  1. DTYO Decatur Township Youth Organization

  2. DTYO…. Overview. • DTYO is a collaboration of all the community leaders of the youth sports programs of Decatur Township. • The leaders of these sports programs make up a board of directors for the exclusive reason of providing a facility for these programs to operate. • We are a non-for profit organization dedicated to our mission. • We have decades of experience in operating youth leagues and keeping costs low as possible for our children.

  3. DTYO…. The Issues. • Residential construction starts have exceeded 300 homes annually for the last four years. • These new homes with elementary and middle school aged children has created a space problem for our sports programs.

  4. DTYO…. Our Vision. • Our mission at DTYO is to build, maintain, and operate a state of the art sports facility for all the children of Decatur Township. • Having a clean safe environment for our kids to pursue their athletic endeavors is an absolute necessity for our growing community. • To relieve the growing pressure on our school corporation to provide the necessary facilities for our youth sports activities. • Studies have shown kids with athletic outlets are less likely to pursue the negative forces of life.

  5. DTYO….Imagine • Basketball courts, soccer fields, football fields, volleyball, softball diamonds, cheerleading, handball, racquet ball, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, weight rooms, and tracks both indoor and outdoor. • A complete facility that will provide every sport the opportunity to pursue their athletic endeavors on a year round basis.

  6. DTYO…. Feasibility. • Is a facility of this sort sustainable….you bet! • There are several privately owned facilities of this type scattered throughout the state of Indiana. Most of these facilities have been open for 5 years or more. • None of these facilities will offer a complete complex that we are envisioning and cater to mostly one sport or a combination of two maybe three. • Maintenance and operating expenses are collected thru membership fees, rental fees, league play, and tournaments hosted at the complex.

  7. DTYO…. Basketball for Example. • The Fieldhouse in Fishers, Indy Indoor Sports Park, Indy Southside Sports Academy, Speice Fieldhouse in Fort Wayne, and The Bloomington Sports Plex are examples of basketball only type facilities in Indiana. • Each of these facilities run leagues, camps and tournaments on a year round basis. The average to rent a court for practice is $50 to $100 per hour, the average 8 week league costs $400 per team, and the average weekend tourney costs $250.

  8. DTYO….Bloomington This Weekend • An example of a single weekend tourney is this weekend at the Bloomington Sports Plex “March Mania”. • There will be 100 teams from across the Midwest from 2nd to 8th grade at $250 per team. That’s $25,000 for a single weekend plus concessions and gate. A single weekend tourney can support the facility for the other 27 days of the month for the kids from Decatur.

  9. DTYO….And That’s Just Basketball. • Multiply that times soccer, baseball, softball, etc. and you can see that this very sustainable and very feasible. • Of course we understand this is not all profit with building maintenance, grounds maintenance, employee payroll, and utilities but we believe it can… and should happen relatively easily.

  10. DTYO…. Our Plan. • We are obviously in the beginning phases of research and design but our plan is to build the indoor facilities first due to the burden being placed on the township schools to support our youth programs. • Once established we can start building all of the planned outdoor fields to facilitate those sports.

  11. DTYO…. Our Goal • Our goal at DTYO is to relieve the school corporation of the burden of supporting our youth sports programs and have a self sustaining facility that everyone in the community can enjoy.

  12. DTYO…. Why We Are Here. • Anything that you can contribute to our vision would be greatly appreciated. As you can see it would be going directly to our children and their full social development and physical well being.

  13. DTYO Imagine the Future……

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