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  2. Ballad • A ballad is a type of narrative poem that tells a story and was originally meant to be sung or recited. It contains a refrain and will oftentimes have a rhyme scheme. • Ballads usually tell a serious or tragic story.

  3. Ballad examples 'Twas Friday morn when we set sail, And we had not got far from land, When the Captain, he spied a lovely mermaid, With a comb and a glass in her hand.Oh the ocean waves may roll, And the stormy winds may blow, While we poor sailors go skipping aloft And the land lubbers lay down below, below, below And the land lubbers lay down below.Then up spoke the Captain of our gallant ship, And a jolly old Captain was he; "I have a wife in Salem town, But tonight a widow she will be."Then up spoke the Cook of our gallant ship, And a greasy old Cook was he; "I care more for my kettles and my pots, Than I do for the roaring of the sea." Then up spoke the Cabin-boy of our gallant ship, And a dirty little brat was he; "I have friends in Boston town That don't care a ha' penny for me."Then three times 'round went our gallant ship, And three times 'round went she, And the third time that she went 'round She sank to the bottom of the sea.

  4. ODE • An ode is a poem praising and glorifying a person, place, or thing.

  5. Ode Example When you see lovely lightsOf greens, reds, and whitesYou know it is Christmas TimeWhen snow falls down from the skies Soft and thick it liesYou know it is Christmas TimeWhen you hear Christmas jinglesAnd your skin begins to tingleYou know it is Christmas TimeWhen you get rosy cheeksAnd children dash with squeals and shrieks You know it is Christmas TimeWhen the young and old sit in front of the fire and come togetherTo get away from the cold weather You know it is Christmas TimeWhen you warm up with your sweet heartUnable to keep apartYou know it is Christmas Time

  6. CONCRETEpoem • A poem that takes on the shape of its subject. • Therefore, if the subject of your poem were a flower, then the poem would be shaped like a flower.

  7. CONCRETEpoem examples

  8. CONCRETEpoem examples

  9. Limerick • A limerick is a short, humorous poem composed of five lines. It usually has the rhyme scheme aabba, created by two rhyming couplets followed by a fifth line that rhymes with the first couplet. • The usually sound like a sing-song.

  10. Limerick examples There was an Old Man of NantucketWho kept all his cash in a bucket.His daughter, called Nan,Ran away with a man,And as for the bucket, Nantucket.

  11. Limerick examples There was an Old Man in a tree,Who was horribly bored by a Bee;When they said, 'Does it buzz?'He replied, 'Yes, it does!''It's a regular brute of a Bee!' There was a Young Lady whose eyes,Were unique as to colour and size;When she opened them wide,People all turned aside,And started away in surprise.

  12. Haiku • A form of Japanese poetry in which 17 syllables are arranged in three lines of 5,7,and 5 syllables. • Haiku DOES NOT RYHME • Nature is usually an important source of inspiration for Japanese Haiku poems, and details from nature are often the subject.

  13. Haiku Examples As the wind does blow Across the trees, I see the Buds blooming in May I walk across sand And find myself blistering In the hot, hot heat

  14. Free verse • Free verse poetry does not follow any specific formatting rules and does not follow any particular rhyme scheme. Formatting, rhyme, and content are left up to the author.