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The Piano

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The Piano

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  1. The Piano By Hannah Birch

  2. The wind tapped on the window as the storm thrashed the house. Playing the piano inside was an old man called Robert Williams. Black as velvet the room he was in was empty apart from a grand piano right in the middle. Today was his wedding anniversary so he plays a song of melancholy because his wife has died.

  3. Drifting away with the music the keys danced as a tune sprung out. The elderly man’s burning eyes lit up in the darkness. He daydreamed into world of imagination, life, death, love and revenge.

  4. Kissing him Robert’s wife Madeline fadeed away symbolizing she was a ghost. “Don’t leave me Madeline, you are the spark in my life, you are my only love, you’re… you’re, my wife.” “But Robert you know I can not stay, the spirits of the dead are calling my name.” Lovingly she kissed him then faded away into the night. Robert was left alone again.

  5. Remembering his wife forced his brain to think about the bad times in life. Like the time he was a medic in war and his friend got shot and fell to an early death at only 20. “No Edward don’t go in to the light” ,cried Robert. “I wont j..just g…get hel..ARRRH!” ,gasped Edward. “Hand in there buddy I’ll go get help”, gulped Roger. “ B…be quick I cant stay for m…much lon…”Stammered Edward as he died.

  6. Robert remembers getting a hobby horse as a boy. It was a very happy memory. Even though Robert lost a lot of people in his life he still is a happy elderly man. Robert played with the hobby horse every day.

  7. Robert has now given the horse to his grandson Jack. As Jack puts down the hobby horse and plays the piano Robert remembers he still has someone. Then they both smile at each other.