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Social Zen REVIEW & Social Zen (SECRET) Bonuses PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Zen REVIEW & Social Zen (SECRET) Bonuses

Social Zen REVIEW & Social Zen (SECRET) Bonuses

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Social Zen REVIEW & Social Zen (SECRET) Bonuses

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  1. Social Zen Review – A Brand New App That Can Dominates Social Media With A FewClicks • Social Zen is a brand new web-based software that automates all of your social media posting. It lets you schedule and post to the big platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr with1-click. • • What Is SocialZen? • Experts agree that social media is the new word of mouth advertising. People look to social media to see how you interact with customers, and see what others are saying about yourbusiness. • You can’t stay invisible and expect to stay in business anylonger. • To drive as much traffic as you can on social media, you need to build a presence on all the big platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ andTumblr. • But as you may already know, it takes HOURS to post to all of these networks individually. • Or it did untilnow. • A new web-based software has just come out called “SocialZen.” • Unlike most social posters, Social Zen gives you the power of 100% automation. As soon as your campaign is activated, Social Zen starts to working to build your following across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin & Google + with likes, comments, follows, shares, tweets, pinsetc. • Now you can post to all of the above social networks with a single click... Which means YOU can be seen everywhere your audience hangs out in just a fraction of the time it would take to post to all of the various socialplatforms. • Get the word out about your offers without any additionaleffort. • Build yourbrand. • Get more sales & traffic with the push of abutton.

  2. How Does Social ZenWork? • Special Features of SocialZen: • Supports 7 different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr Google Plus, Linkedin) so your marketing messages are seen in the most popular social networks on theplanet • 100% Fully Hands-free Automation saves you vast amounts of time andeffort • Geo targets your audience based on location (perfect for local business owners andconsultants) • Set automation speed of the campaign so your accounts look natural and staysafe • Schedules automated posts so you always have fresh engaging content for your followers (and frees up your valuabletime) • Auto likes, comments, follows, pins daily so your audience keeps growing with new eagerprospects • Get real time activity and analytics from inside the app so you can track the progress of yourcampaigns • And much, muchmore! • Social Zen consists of several powerful modules suchas • Auto Social (This is where true automation takesplace) • Social Tracker (See live trends, search for trends, track social activity based on your keywordentered)

  3. Auto Poster (Managed multiple accounts, scheduled posted out, bulk media upload, and post from your wordpress, open cart, magento, shopifysites • Instagram Instant Likes and Instant GramStories. • Image Editor: Create Images with Quotes using API to find millions of powerful quotes from inside the app that you can post to your social profile • Link Cloaker as well to cloak your links from getting blocked (Generate up to 50 cloaked link from a single link at the push of abutton. • Auto generate bulk bitly urls for your postingcampaigns. • How ItWorks: • Step 1:Activate • Activate by adding your social mediaaccounts • Step 2:Automate • Automate by entering your keywords to build yourfollowing • Step 3:Profit • Profit from your social media accounts like a pro • Why Should You Get Social ZenNow? • Social Zen lets you schedule and post to the following social networks with 1-click. Forget about tedious cutting and pasting content to yournetworks! • It can post simultaneouslyto: • Twitter • Facebook (Pages ANDGroups) • Tumblr • Pinterest • Instagram • Google+ • There’s no better way to gain trust and visibility than social media. (And thatleads • directly to moresales!) • Now you can cut your posting time to a mere fraction... and make sure your content gets seen where your audience hangs outmost.

  4. With the powerful features of Social Zen, youcan: • Handle all of your social media accounts under one dashboard • Hands-free posting and engagement builds your audiencefast • Real time analytics make campaign tracking abreeze • Spend less on paid advertising and create trust in yourbrand • But wait, they’ve got evenmore! • If you thought Social Zen couldn’t get any better, they’ve got some limited-time bonuses for you for being a fast-actiontaker. • However, you must act before this offer closes. Because once it does, these bonuses will NOT be availableanymore. • Exclusive Bonuses From SocialZen • Bonus #1: WP SimpleGeo One of the easiest and fastest way to generate commissions and reach your audience… veryprecisely. Bonus #2: ActionPoll

  5. Easily segment your mailing list and achieve better opt-in rates, increased conversions, and higherprofits. Bonus #3: SurveyEngage Understand your customers needs with easy to setup surveys. Get insight into the products and services your customers want and need most – display surveys anywhere on your website with a simpleshortcode. Bonus #4: ImportDocX

  6. Finally! The easy solution to page and post scheduling that WordPress should have included right from thestart. Bonus #5: Social QuizPlugin Unleash the power of viral social quizzes on your WordPresswebsite. Bonus #6: WP Ad HubWhitelabel

  7. Finally, an automated way to manage multiple ad campaigns all from one website! Schedule and dynamically control ad images within WordPress sites, plugins andtheme Bonus #7: ConversionEqualizer Finally… A foolproof method that will automatically boost all your google adwords conversion ratios to the highest possiblelevel. Bonus #8: Opt-inZen

  8. An Opt-in/Squeeze Page Plugin for ‘Lazy People’ – simply copy & paste your autoresponder code into Opt-in Engage to create beautiful, high-converting opt-in pages in minutes – without the integration hassles common to many opt-in/squeeze page plugins. Bonus #9: Instant Content CreatorWhiteLabel Discover how you can effortlessly kick-out killer articles that make you rich in less than 20 minutes with proven step-by-step software to show you how! Dramaticallyincrease your sales by creating better articles customers flock to faster than you ever thought possible.

  9. Bonus #10: WP Cool Live Chat with ResellersRights Brand new, sizzling hot WP Plugin enables you to add conversion-increasing live chats that will send your profits through the roof! Important announcement: If you are not communicating with your visitors in a proper way, you are leaving money on thetable. OTO1 Bonus #1: WP Tee ContestPlugin WP Tee Contest is a wordpress plugin developed to create a dedicated tee contest page that can help you improve your t-shirt campaign while at the same time make it goviral! Useful benefits andfeatures:

  10. Easy to install and most importantly, easy touse • Add ANY auto-respondercode • SEO Optimized - Gain more organic traffic with this excitingfunction. • Add a scarcity-countdown - Force people to take action so they don't click away from your site without opting in or sharing your blog! • Complete customization - there are not customization limits as you can quickly and easily change colors, text, images and muchmore! • Add content - You can add your content, modify it and be in total and absolute control! • OTO1 Bonus #2: WP ImagePlus with ResellersRights Read carefully the following message as you are about to discover an easy effective solution to get rid of this HUGE problem once and for all! Instantly increase the speed of your site while drastically reducing your bounce rate and getting your visitors to stay longer. OTO1 Bonus #3: WP EZ Launcher with ResellerRights

  11. Get your hands onto a breakthrough WP Plugin that will allow you to quickly set upyour WordPress blog and get it ‘up and running’ in less than 30seconds. Conclusion In summary, I hope that all of the information in my Social Zen Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice. However, in case you are in need of any advice, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime. Regardless, thank you for reading my Social ZenReview. CLICK HERE FOR LEARNMORE Social Zen, Social Zen review, Social Zen review and bonus, Social Zen reviews, Social Zen reviews and bonuses, Social Zen discount, Social Zen bonus, Social Zen bonuses, Social Zen review and discount, Social Zen review in detail, Social Zen ultimate review, Social Zen demo, Social Zen demo review, Social Zen huge discount, Social Zen discount coupon, Social Zen download, Get Social Zen, Social Zen review demo and bonus,Social Zen, Social Zenreview