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Ryan’s Rally

Ryan’s Rally

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Ryan’s Rally

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  1. Ryan’s Rally

  2. Ryan Diviney • Ryan Diviney, a WVU student, was attacked in November 2009 by Austin Vantrease and Jonathan May (both of Newark, DE). He has been in a coma-like state since. Each day is a struggle for him. • The family is passionate about keeping Ryan relevantin the community and appreciates the continued support • Ryan’s rally website:

  3. Personal Connection • Ryan Diviney attended the high school located 5 minutes down the street • Although I did not personally know Ryan I did know his sister • I became very passionate about helping the Diviney family in any way possible in support of my community • I have been involved in various events to help fundraise for Ryan Diviney

  4. De-Clutter for the Divineys • The Ryan’s Rally foundations holds various fundraisers each year • One of the largest events was a community wide yard sale in Ashburn, VA • To learn more about the event please visit this website at :

  5. Pre-Yard sale • Over a two month period I helped collect items from people wishing to donate to the yard sale every Sunday for about 5 hours • We would meet at the Long and Foster reality office where we would store various items that were dropped off • I would unpack and lift the items to their designated location in the storage facility

  6. Event • De-Clutter for the Divineys yard sale was held on April 9, 2011 at the Ashburn Village community center • The main aspect of the event was the yard sale itself • There was also food, music, and raffles which were all donated to help the cause

  7. My Role • I arrived at the yard sale at 6 a.m. to help setup • The event began at 9 a.m. in which I was responsible for the electronics booth where I sold various items ranging from Xbox’s to T.V.’s • At the closing of the event around 2 o'clock I help clean up and load back up the shipping truck that was used to transport the items for sale

  8. Outcome • The event was a huge success • Thousands of dollars were raised from the proceeds, which went directly to Ryan Diviney’s medical bills and treatment

  9. Battle for a Better Cause

  10. Event Details • This event was held in Ashburn, VA at the Briar Woods vs. Broad Run football game • The main campaign launched was through the sale of white out t-shirts, which said Team Diviney on the back • The game was held on September 2, 2011 at Briar Woods High School • This game is a rivalry game between who is the best school in Ashburn, Virginia

  11. My Role • As a member of DECA (distributive education clubs of America) we were responsible for creating the campaign at my high school Briar Woods • We create a word of mouth campaign as well as the creation of a Facebook group • DECA members are responsible for working in the school store where I sold hundreds of white out t-shirts to both students and various parents

  12. For more information concerning the event please visit:

  13. Results • The game was a huge success • The game was a sell out with every fan decked out in white • Thousands of dollars were made through t-shirt sales as well as donations throughout the night • That day the winner truly didn’t matter, because on that night all of Ashburn was united as one

  14. Conclusion • Being apart of Ryan’s Rally has truly made a touching impact on my life • No one should have to go through what he has suffered • Presently I continue my efforts to support the foundation in their continuous need for help and volunteers