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Why you should try serviced apartments for renting purpose while travelling? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why you should try serviced apartments for renting purpose while travelling?

Why you should try serviced apartments for renting purpose while travelling?

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Why you should try serviced apartments for renting purpose while travelling?

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  1. Why you should try serviced apartments for renting purpose while travelling While researching for accommodation, there are many considerations to make, especially the place to stay. While some travellers immediately think of staying in a hotel, millions of travellers are discovering the benefits and comforts of staying in a vacation rental. A vacation rental can provide more benefits to travellers than just lower rates. 1. Cost effective: Many Vacation homes are large and have a spacious condo. The price in most cases is comparable to that of a hotel. But then with the spacious condo, travellers with families find it much more effective and even cheaper than most hotels. Comfort is one of the aspects that a vacation rental or “your home away from home” can provide compared to being confined in a big room of a luxury hotel. 2. Laundry: This is one of the biggest benefits you could have possibly had with a vacation rental. Almost all vacation rentals have a washer as well as dryer. Apart from doing your own laundry (another cost effective technique), you could actually pack less. Apart from returning home with clean clothes (unlike many other travellers), you could even pack less or save on those baggage fees while flying. Why to pack more clothes, when you have such a wonderful option! 3. Cooking: As a traveller, you would have realised how expensive it is to eat out. True, it is fun to try some great restaurants but at times it could impact your budget, especially if it is one big trip. Many of us often feel better and healthier to eat on our own. With an oven, refrigerator and other kitchen facilities, cooking could never be easy in a vacation rental also helps you cut the cost of meals. Grocery store information is mostly available with the host .You can even order online if you know your stay and details of your trip in advance. 4. Variety: Not every hotel chain can provide as much variety in things as a vacation rental. Each and every vacation rental in different, be it in decoration, view or amenities. Travellers have more options to choose in case of a vacation rental. Based on your budget, you can find a vacation rental of your liking. Some vacation rentals even provide premier services like pre-arrival shopping and grocery. 5. Privacy at all times: Unlike hotels, you can find private balconies and entrances in most vacation rentals. So that means you need not walk through the lobby each and every time to return to your place of stay. Some vacation rentals also provide

  2. private pool and other amenities. Again unlike hotels, vacation rentals are less crowded. 6. Community: Unlike hotels, vacation rentals provide many opportunities to socialise with like-minded people, who have also come to enjoy and relax. 7. Safety: With most vacation rentals located in gated communities, they are very safe. For travellers with family, this is another important aspect. 8. The feeling of home: A luxury hotel even with all modern amenities can never provide you with the comfort of a home. Every traveller would love to have a comfortable living room, multiple bedrooms and space to unwind & relax. You need to be in a home to feel it as a “home”. Vacation rentals have a high demand because of this very reason, and travellers often find a relaxing and enjoyable vacation by staying at a vacation rental. In short, apart from matching the luxury that most top hotels or resorts provide, vacation home rentals can provide privacy and comforts of a home.