children internet safety via collaboration between russian ngos and internet business n.
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Children Internet Safety via collaboration between Russian NGOs and Internet business PowerPoint Presentation
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Children Internet Safety via collaboration between Russian NGOs and Internet business

Children Internet Safety via collaboration between Russian NGOs and Internet business

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Children Internet Safety via collaboration between Russian NGOs and Internet business

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  1. Children Internet Safety via collaboration between Russian NGOs and Internet business

  2. Why Children Internet Safety is so important • according to Russian official statistics more than 80% of minors use Internet; • according to “Public opinion” foundation, over 50 mln. People in Russia use Internet, 37 mln. Users – on a daily basis; • research statistics made by EU Kids Online in Russia indicate that children in Russia spend up to 3 hours averagely in the Internet every day, 86 % of Internet connections made from the home PC.

  3. Why Children Internet Safety is so important: • Up to 40% of minors use mobile devices (feat. cell phones) for surfing the Internet; • Cell phone is usually out of parental control; • 15 – 19 y.o. teenagers are the most active Internet users, their average time spending in the Web is 3 hours every day; • less than 35% of adults In Russia use Internet.

  4. SIC Hotline statistics • In 2011 more than 40 000 messages about illegal content in Internet were registered; • 10 000 messages during July – December 2011; • the most top rated messages are: sexual exploitation of minors (3 000 messages), propaganda and distribution of drugs in Internet (1 660 messages),fomentation of race, religious and other hate (1 900), scenes with physical violence to minors (1 300).

  5. Necessity of International collaboration • no physical birders in Internet, the crimes in the Web are cross-bordered; • servers with the illegal content can be placed in any country in the world; • possibility of implementation of new programming mechanisms for opposing the spreading of illegal content in Internet; • consolidation of law enforcement bodies of different countries.

  6. Safer Internet Center - Russia Safer Internet Center – Russia is a combined public project aimed at creating and maintaining safer Internet environment for minors and adults. Safer Internet Center started its work on 15 August 2008 as National Internet-safety Node inRussia. As an institution of partnership between state and society, Safer Internet Center is a “meeting point” for initiatives of civil society, Internet-industry, government agencies and Internet-users in the sphere of ensuring safer Internet environment in Russia.

  7. Safer Internet Center - Russia Safer Internet Center is supported and financed by the wide range of government and law enforcement agencies, Internet-industry institutions and NGOs. Since August 2010 Safer Internet Center – Russia is included in Safer Internet Programme by European Commission and co-financed by Safer Internet Programme.

  8. Safer Internet Center activities • awareness raising activity; • hotline; • helpline. • Main target audiences • children and youth; • parents and guardians; • specialists working with children (teachers, youth clubs and youth organizations); • specialists, youth librarians and museum workers, social workers).

  9. Hotline Hotline is a special Internet-service where one can anonymously report illegal content. Hotline analysts assess reported content, and if it may be illegal, state the place of its hosting. Hotline was opened on 15 August 2008 and receives reports on the following categories ofillegalcontent: Child sexual exploitation; Grooming; Racism, nationalism, other forms of xenophobia; Propaganda of terrorism; Cyberbullying; Child violence scenes; Drug-related content.

  10. Helpline Helpline is a special service which provides users with free consultations on issues related with Internet-safety, and also provides first psychological aid for child victims of Internet-threats. Helpline works since 15 August 2008 and receives queries via Internet and by telephone.

  11. Helpline In general, Helpline provides with consultations on the following matters: - how to detect Internet-threat; - how to protect children and families better; - where to find additional information on child online safety; - how to cope better with consequences of negative influence from Internet.

  12. International collaboration Since May 2009 Safer Internet Center is a member of INHOPE Association uniting 40 Hotlines from five continents. As a member, Safer Internet Center takes part in INHOPE General meetings and AGMs and training provided by INHOPE for Hotline analysts. Safer Internet Center representative is a Network Expansion task group member. Since August 2010 Safer Internet Center is a member of Insafe – European network of Safer Internet Centers under European Commission Safer Internet Programme.

  13. Necessity of Internet business involvement • supporting of the social projects in the field of creating a safer Internet; • possibility of cooperative work on creating a safer environment in the Web; • using the brand new soft straight from developers; • participating in developing of special safer soft.

  14. Business interest • Internet business needs a safer Internet for its clients aiming profit raising; • all the children-oriented work is impossible without safer Internet; • social responsibility; • - developing and testing of new safety soft.

  15. Safer Internet Center and Internet business • - “Me safety network” contest; • - “Internet Censor” – parental control soft; • - “Alone at home” – special filter, blocking negative content ; • - «Entensys» - KinderGate – parental control; • - “Beeline” – cooperative work with SIC and Russian State Library “Interesting Internet: webguide for kids and adults; • “MTS” – series of interactive Internet Safety lessons for children; • “Masterhost”, “Rostelekom” – participating in Center’s evens feat. Internet Safety week; • “Kaspersky Lab.” – children Internet Safety soft development.

  16. Safer Internet Center - Partners

  17. Thank you! Safer Internet Center – Russia