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Makes Ponds Smaller! PowerPoint Presentation
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Makes Ponds Smaller!

Makes Ponds Smaller!

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Makes Ponds Smaller!

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  1. Makes Ponds Smaller!

  2. Weirs and Orifices

  3. Buoyant Flow Control • Flow restriction moves with water surface elevation (constant head) • Constant Head = Constant Flow • Two device types: ER (Early Riser) Series is a buoyant tube within a stationary tube. (Use for flows>4.0 cfs) TD (Thirsty Duck) Series is a floating orifice attached to an expanding conduit (the “bellows”). (Use for flows< 4.0 cfs)

  4. It's not a new idea!

  5. Early BFD's..... “Floating Riser” Morris Township, NJ Rutgers University “Faircloth Skimmer” Jesse W. Faircloth, North Carolina

  6. Early BFD's.....

  7. Early BFD's.....

  8. Traditional Outlet Control DeviceVolume=Inflow-Outflow

  9. Thirsty Duck BFDVolume=Inflow-Outflow

  10. Benefits and Advantages • Maximize outflow rate to minimize total detention storage volume (Savings up to 50%). • Convert excess rate attenuation volume into water quality/treatment volume. • Lower peak design stages. • Cost savings • Reduce excavation, construction, fencing, and mowing costs • Reduce import fill requirements • Maximize land usage • Minimize volume of underground vaults or chambers • Corrosion Resistant • Frictionless • Fits in standard FDOT precast concrete boxes

  11. What is the ER Series? ER Series is a tube within a tube. Inner tube is buoyant Outer tube is stationary • For dual flow restriction, water passes through the buoyant tube AND the annular space between the tubes. • For single flow restriction, water passes through the annular space ONLY. • Tubes can have round or rectangular shaped cross sections • Tubes of varying cross section produce constant flow rate. Tubes of constant cross section produce varying flow rate.

  12. ER Series Schematic

  13. ER Series Flow Restrictor

  14. ER Series Flow Restrictor(one float removed)

  15. Little Road-Pond IIIA, Water Quality RetrofitPasco County, FL

  16. Little Road-Pond IIIA, Pasco County, FL

  17. Little Road-Pond IIIA, Pasco County, FL Floats skim debris!!

  18. Lakewood Ranch Toyota, Manatee County, FL

  19. Lakewood Ranch Toyota, Manatee County, FL

  20. Lakewood Ranch Toyota, Manatee County, FL

  21. ER Series: Rating Curve (Free Discharge Condition)

  22. ER Series: Rating Curve (Submerged Interstitial Opening) Submerged Interstitial Opening

  23. ER Series: Rating Curve (Submerged Inner Orifice) Submerged Interstitial Opening Submerged Inner Orifice

  24. ER Series: Rating Curve (Critical Duration Event Analysis, SRWMD and FAC 14-86)

  25. What is the TD Series? ` • TD Series is a buoyant module housing an orifice • Buoyant module is connected to an expanding conduit (“the bellows”) • Bellows fabricated from high strength, welded polyurethane with stainless steel reinforcing rings in each pleat • Bellows available up to 12” diameter (4.0 cfs max. discharge) • The “Duck” body rests in its “Nest” when it’s not floating • Uses standard Sch. 80 pvc flange to connect to outfall system • Fits in FDOT standard P-box or Type D inlet • Device is self-skimming. Water enters the module from its underside.

  26. How does the TD Series work?

  27. Pine Ridge, South Dakota

  28. Can I get a permit? • SWFWMD has issued six (6) ERP's for Thirsty Duck (other permit applications are pending). • SJRWMD requests applicants schedule a pre-application conference prior to design (Mike Register, Kirby Green) • SFWMD has indicated it will permit the devices for governmental entities. Pre-application conference recommended. (Tony Waterhouse) • Pasco County and Manatee County have permitted Thirsty Duck. • FDOT Specifications and Pay Item No. currently pending approval (sponsored by Rick Renna, FDOT State Drainage Engineer) • Listed on FDOT Innovative Product Evaluation List • Washington State D.O.T., Cities of Olympia, Bellingham, Everett, Burlington, Ferndale, WA (and others)

  29. How can we help? • Three company principals are FL licensed, experienced drainage engineers. • Provide design details, hydraulic analysis and technical support • Assist with agency permitting and coordination • Live demonstration – Test station located in Oldsmar, FL • Basic data to get us started: • Pond Bottom Elevation • Water Quality Elevation • Proposed TOB/DHW Elevation • Allowable peak discharge rate • Tailwater Elevation

  30. 9400 River Crossing Blvd. Suite 102New Port Richey, FL 34655(727) 376-2400 telephone(727) 376-5973 Makes Ponds Smaller!