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Prepared by Group 4: 09B1204 Nuranisa Rani 09B4010 Amy Thien Sook Ling 09B4014 Liew Pei Ting PowerPoint Presentation
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Prepared by Group 4: 09B1204 Nuranisa Rani 09B4010 Amy Thien Sook Ling 09B4014 Liew Pei Ting

Prepared by Group 4: 09B1204 Nuranisa Rani 09B4010 Amy Thien Sook Ling 09B4014 Liew Pei Ting

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Prepared by Group 4: 09B1204 Nuranisa Rani 09B4010 Amy Thien Sook Ling 09B4014 Liew Pei Ting

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  1. University of Brunei DarussalamFaculty of Business, Economics & Policy StudiesAcademic Year 2010/2011 Semester 1BA 1201 – Accountant in BusinessLecturer: DR. Hisham bin Haji Ya’akob

  2. Prepared by Group 4: 09B1204 Nuranisa Rani 09B4010 Amy Thien Sook Ling 09B4014 Liew Pei Ting 09B4034 Astri Nabila Mohammad Din 09B4083 Teo Siew Chieh 09B4123 Siti Nur’ayuni Haji Amirul Ariffin

  3. Presentation topic: Find a small-medium enterprise (SME) company in Brunei Darussalam that has a sales turnover of $400,000 per year. Discuss the issues and challenges that they are facing.

  4. Adison Marketing Services

  5. INTRODUCTION Established by Sim Chong Siang in 1985 (25 years ago) A full-service advertising agency, marketing and graphic design firm.

  6. INTRODUCTION Their commandments: Stay Focused Seek to Understand Strive for Excellence Take action Create Team Unity Be creative

  7. INTRODUCTION Their Belief: Believes that marketing success happens when all the right elements come together: passion, knowledge, insight, experience, curiosity and vision. Their aim: To help companies to achieve their marketing goals by offering them both offline and online media.

  8. Contemporary organizational structure. • Usually work in 2 teams. • Small project – individual team (E.g. Advertisement on Newspaper / TV) • Big project – both teams work together (E.g. Shows or Events) ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE

  9. Training HUMAN RESOURCE • Skills- creative and innovative (designer position), good communication skills (accountant executive) • Attitude- good personalities; offer services to the public; represent the image of the company. • One month On job training- work under supervision and assistance by experience workers. Recruitment

  10. Motivation and incentives • Organize monthly activities to reward their hard effort. • Higher bonus to the most hardworking employees. • Teamwork (accountant executive, designer, coordinator, project manager, inspector) • Given empowerment in their jobs but monitor by project leader. HUMAN RESOURCE

  11. Deals with clients ranging from small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) to international corporate and government entity. • Average number of clients per month is at least 10. • "Our relationships with customers have • a span of more than 15 years and I • would like to think ... (these as • relationships with) friends more than • with clients," - Sim Chong Siang CLIENT/CUSTOMER

  12. Brand building • Marketing Strategy Planning • Media Planning • Concept & Design • Printing • Television (RTB) • Radio • Newspaper • Cinema • TVC Production • Radio Production • Event Management • Marketing Research • Web Design and Development SERVICES

  13. Turnover • Income: at least $40,000 per month • Expenses: approximately $20,000 - $30,000 per month • Pricing • New clients: Standard price • Long-term/old clients: Lower price FINANCE

  14. Form of payments • Foreign clients: Telegraphic Transfer • Local clients: cheque • Other cirucmstances. FINANCE

  15. Workplace environment • Well organized and gives employees a sense of home • - corporate culture • (i) Dressing code • Designers and coordinators dressed casually • General manager, assistant manager and account executives dressed formally. • (ii) Outdoor activities BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT: Internal

  16. Political Environment • Need to follow employment regulations set by the labour department. • Adison are not subjected to corporate tax. • Economic environment • Credit card issues - Reduces the advertising budget of companies. • Competitors -Customers are more interested on how creative the services are being provided. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT: External

  17. Social Environment • The customer in Brunei would tend to stay the same. • Technological Environment • Not familiar with one technology software, e.g. graphic design or 3D • Adison will reluctant to outsourcing or consultation by other designer. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT: External

  18. Problems and Solutions CHALLENGES & ISSUES SOLUTIONS OR REMEDIES Outsource the work, designers, employ part-time workers Delegation of work, work OT (motivation – bonus, dynamic business environment) Contact previous customers, give them new ideas Provide marketing/advertising services as much as possible, maintain reputation Convince clients with their creativity! • Suitable employees or workers • Meeting datelines every month (on time) • Competitors • Economic downturn / recession • Clients’ traditional way of thinking (hindrance).

  19. - Their long survival in the marketing industry should be respected by other companies operating in the same industry. - Main intention is to give the best marketing services to as many clients as possible (long-term goal) CONCLUSION

  20. Thank you for listening! Question & Answer Session