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Quick Write: How does your public image differ from your private self? PowerPoint Presentation
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Quick Write: How does your public image differ from your private self?

Quick Write: How does your public image differ from your private self?

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Quick Write: How does your public image differ from your private self?

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  1. Quick Write: What is your greatest fear? How did this come to be your worst fear? Is this rational or not rational?

  2. Quick Write: Write about something that happened over Christmas break that was of great interest, or a lot of fun. Tell it in story form from the third (omniscient) person point of view.

  3. Quick Write: After seeing your grades from last semester, are you happy with the outcome? What are you going to improve on to increase your grades? If you believe you are perfect, please instruct me in what you did to be soooooooo great? (So I can teach others about how to be you)

  4. Quick Write: In your opinion, what invention or discovery has brought about the most far-reaching and lasting changes in our civilization? Explain.

  5. Quick Write: If a doctor told you that you had only a few months to live, how would you alter your way of life? Discuss.

  6. Quick Write: What is Leadership? Please give me examples of how a person acts who demonstrates this trait. Why is this an important trait to master?

  7. Quick Write: How does your public image differ from your private self?

  8. Quick Write: What would you do with a million dollars?

  9. Quick Write: Why do you go to Valley Charter High School? What makes this school different than any other?

  10. Quick Write: I watched a movie this weekend with Jack Black. In this movie Black says, “What’s consciousness?” Please answer him!!!

  11. Quick Write: Finish the following statement and explain:There are only two things I take seriously, _________ & ________!

  12. Quick Write: How are you different from your parents (or other adults significant in your up-bringing)? Explain.

  13. Quick Write: What is resilience? How do you use it in your life? Is it important to be resilient? Why would this school make this a character trait?

  14. Quick Write: If you were Mr. Fish, what would you tell your parents tonight when they showed up at After 5’s? Be honest!

  15. Quick Write: What do you love most on this planet? Explain. (Person, Place, Thing, or Idea!)

  16. Quick Write: What is your greatest fear on this planet? Explain. (Person, Place, Thing, or Idea!)

  17. Quick Write: What is YELLOW?

  18. Quick Write: What is BLACK?

  19. Quick Write: Please begin your story today with… “A lot has changed over the last ten seconds, the last ten seconds have been very enlightening…”

  20. Quick Write: Please begin your story today with… “As the stale air blew down on his/her head from the small air duct in the plane, s/he couldn’t help think, what a strange week.”

  21. Quick Write: How does stress effect your performance????

  22. Quick Write: How should public high schools deal with students considered to be constant troublemakers? Discuss.

  23. Quick Write: What have you been doing for the last three weeks? Please be detailed.

  24. Quick Write: Please give an honest evaluation of how you did on your Demonstration. At least 3 good and 3 do betters.

  25. Quick Write: Imagine you live in a place where it snows all the time and the temperatures are regularly approach thirty degrees below zero. Write a letter to a friend describing your daily life.

  26. Quick Write: Please enjoy a free topic!

  27. Quick Write: Imagine you are a gas station attendant and are really bored at work. What do you do to amuse yourself? Write an account of your antics.

  28. Quick Write: Have you ever been passionately in love with someone/ thing that it made you act unlike yourself? Please describe.

  29. Quick Write: What is the craziest thing that a teacher has ever done for you… Why? If a teacher has not done anything for you, please enjoy a free topic!!!

  30. Quick Write: Why are STAR tests important?

  31. Quick Write: If you could have lunch with one person in the world today, who would it be and why?

  32. Quick Write: What are your plans for Spring Break? Please keep it PG-13.

  33. Quick Write: Imagine that you wake up one morning, walk outside your house, and find that everyone in the world has mysteriously vanished. Describe what you do next.

  34. Quick Write: Now that you are almost done with your Freshman year, please write a letter to incoming students about what to expect and explain what they need to do to be successful.

  35. Quick Write: Thinking about an invention you will create to make your million dollars. What are you going to invent and how does it serve the world? What made you think of that invention? What are some of the negative side-effects that you might foresee in the future?

  36. Quick Write: Please tell me a story from you weekend using the 3rd person! If you have no stories… make one up!

  37. Quick Write: Please describe to me your ideal summer vacation. What are you going to do? Where are you going to go? Please be detailed.

  38. Quick Write: What is one (or more) thing(s) that you have learned this school year that you will use for the rest of your life? How are you a different person now… versus 9 months ago!

  39. Quick Write: Please describe to me your first week of school. What do you think about your new school? What do you not like? What are you excited about?

  40. Quick Write: Please explain to Mr. Fish exactly what the “game” is. Does Mr. Fish have “game”? How can I get some?

  41. Quick Write: What does success mean to you? How do you know when you are successful at something? What are some signs of a “successful” life?

  42. Quick Write: Is education important to you? Why or why not? If you could leave high school right now, would you? Where would you go? Is school after high school (college) important? Please explain.

  43. Quick Write: Why is good health important to have? Would you consider yourself a healthy person? Does your physical health reflect your mental health?

  44. Quick Write: What does “Respect” mean to you? Please give me details as to how this value is demonstrated in your life.

  45. Quick Write: What is your favorite childhood memory?

  46. Quick Write: Please think of your favorite human emotion. Please give me a detailed description of how that emotion feels.

  47. Quick Write: Please tell me about the first thing that pops into your branium, your dome, your skull, your cranium

  48. Quick Write: What are you doing for your three day weekend? Please keep it rated pg-13.

  49. Quick Write: If you were granted one wish, what would it be and why?

  50. Quick Write: If you were choosing the menu for your last meal, what would it include? Write detailed descriptions of each item on the menu.