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8 Safe Exercises for Seniors PowerPoint Presentation
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8 Safe Exercises for Seniors

8 Safe Exercises for Seniors

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8 Safe Exercises for Seniors

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  1. 8 Safe Exercises for Seniors

  2. Physical activities and exercises have been proven to prevent a majority of health conditions including, certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cognitive impairment. Elderly people should take part in exercise programs or day-to-day activities that can boost endurance, balance, flexibility, and overall strength. Here is a list of eight easy and safe exercises suggested by reliable Centennial home care providers.

  3. 1. Cycling It is a low-impact, fun-filled activity that provides several benefits. Whether your senior loved one prefers a traditional bike, recumbent bike, or stationary bike, riding daily can boost mood, enhance cardiovascular function, and alleviate arthritis pain. Several communities have created paths around the area that are designated for cyclists.

  4. 2. Golf It is a great activity to enjoy outdoors, the sunshine, fresh air, and scenic locations. Playing golf with multiple players provides socialization opportunities. Swinging a club, twisting, and bending while playing enhances cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility. Walking from one hole to another without using golf cart enhances overall health and wellbeing.

  5. 3. Stretching National Institute on Aging states seniors stay flexible and limber by stretching. General poses can be performed before going to bed and first thing in the morning. Regardless of the type of exercise your senior loved one selects, he or she should spend a few minutes to stretch the muscles before and after activity.

  6. 4. Water Aerobics These classes are quite popular among seniors. Providing low-impact alternatives for a regular exercise routine, water aerobics builds muscles from the water resistance. It also elevates heart function, boosts overall health, dilates blood vessels, and prevents falls-related injuries. Centennial home care professionals can help your aging loved one performing difficult exercises.

  7. 5. Swimming The stress upon bones, muscles, and weight-bearing joints is also reduced due to the buoyancy of the water. Swimming also lessens the chances of injury compared to several other endurance exercises. While completing laps, seniors build muscle mass in their thighs, arms, shoulders, legs, and back. bone density loss. 

  8. 6. Tai Chi If your loved one is looking for activities that can enhance concentration and focus while moving several muscles, tai chi poses are a great option. This is a low-impact activity, and it can boost strength, flexibility, and overall balance by toning and stretching various muscles. Seniors don't need to spend money on special equipment or clothing to join a basic class. Several cities offer outdoor sessions in community parks. 

  9. 7. Walking This activity is famous from ages and can take place outside as well as inside, any time of day. Seniors can enjoy several cardiovascular benefits while building endurance and strength through this low-impact activity.

  10. 8. Strength Training Lifting everyday items can become difficult as muscles groups start deteriorating with age. However, seniors can engage in strength training activities to prevent muscle weakness. The intensity and type of the strengthening exercise can also impact metabolism among older adults. Helping seniors maintain blood sugar and healthy weight, this activity is easily accomplished by simple steps. Your loved one can also add resistance by using dumbbells, ankle weights, or elastic bands.

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