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Modular Kitchen Designs PowerPoint Presentation
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Modular Kitchen Designs

Modular Kitchen Designs

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Modular Kitchen Designs

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  1. Buy Modular Kitchen Design Online in Delhi • I am sure you might have heard the saying, “a way to someone’s heart is through their stomach”. • Is there any better way to start than having a modular kitchen designs which suits you the best and compliments your cooking! • Just like every other thing in this world, kitchens have also undergone a fair amount of evolution; hearths evolving to gas stoves is a classic example of modular kitchen design. • It’s a dream for many people to have a modular kitchen in Delhi for the ones who are residing there. • Who doesn’t like complimenting one's home and it becomes even more special when it gets enamoured by a modular kitchen design. • There are many ways to design your kitchen. Homular will show you some of the most popular modular kitchen designs in Delhi which one can choose from. • 1. L Shaped Design • 2. A Straight Design • 3. Parallel Design • 4. An Island Design • 5. U shaped Design. • Lets go in depth and understand few popular adopted modular kitchens in Delhi.

  2. L Shaped Design This design is one of the hugely adopted ones across the homes in India. It compliments your home with its unique style. In this design a maximum number of kitchen accessories can be sported, right from the washbasin to the gas stove, with enough room to the other equipment. A Straight Design Now if you are someone who resides in a small -spaced apartment and happy to encourage limited items in your kitchen, then this style would perfectly fit you. Typically, if you reside in places like Delhi where space is a constraint. This is the perfect example of a modular kitchen in Delhi. Parallel Design If you are someone who helms in a big apartment then you should go for this. It contains two platforms which are parallel placed, so that you can design the kitchen in your own way. Island Design This model comes with its advantage. You can actually forget the idea of owning a dining table and use it as one, as it will benefit you both, space and money-wise. U shaped Design This type of modular kitchen design is one of the spacious of them all. It gives you more freedom on the platform and one can place their kitchen essentials in the most decorating manner possible.

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