uses of fiber laser cutting machine n.
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Uses of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine PowerPoint Presentation
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Uses of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Uses of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Uses of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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  1. Uses of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Laser and plasma cutting machines are used for various purposes and in this article; we are going to discuss these machines. Fiber laser cutting machine: Fiber laser cutting machine comes with a good quality of beam whose diameter is less than that of the CO2 laser machine. The strength of a fiber laser is much more than that of a gas laser. The machine has many usages and some of them have been described here. Medical devices: Fiber laser cutting machine is used in laser surgeries. Along with this, the cutting of small to complex medical equipment is done with this machine. Jewelry: This laser machine is used in cutting jewelry to make the jewelry of superior quality. Jewelers can cut complex shapes, and produce high- quality jewelry in very less time.

  2. Automobiles: Fiber cutting machines helps in cutting small components of the automobiles. These parts can be simple or complex and cutting by hand can be a tedious task. Metal parts having 3D shapes can also be cit easily with the help of this machine. Electronics: The most important element in the manufacturing of semiconductors is silicon. Nowadays people can find many electronic devices in very small size and fiber laser cutting machines help in cutting the delicate materials. Textile industry: The machine is also being used in the textile industry as it can cut the fabric accurately. The machine can be used to cut various types of fabrics like polyester, cotton, silk, leather. There are many Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers in China that provide the machine at a reasonable cost. One such company is Honeybee CNC that manufactures the machines and supplies it to the market. CNC Plasma Cutting Table: The machine is used in creating artwork and also in manufacturing finished parts. Aluminum and steel can be easily cut with this machine. The metals are cut with the help of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. This table is used to cut metal sheets, which can be a good conductor of electricity. Steel consisting of alloys along with aluminum materials can be easily cut through this machine. The workers can also maintain the thickness by cutting the metals with a medium and large thickness. People who like to buy Affordable CNC Plasma Cutting Table can contact Honeybee CNC Company, which is one of the popular Plasma Cutting Table Suppliers in China. The company provides the table at a reasonable cost. The company also provides the services of maintenance of these cutting tables.