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  1. FUNDRAISING Eat So They Can International Interns

  2. Make a Plan • Who are you going to reach out to? • How will you reach out to them? • How do you intend to follow up? • Create a time line

  3. Sample Plan • Send 25 letters explaining the cause to friends/family • Call 10 local restaurants and ask them to sponsor an event or host a proceed night • Present to 10 local organizations on the cause asking them to participate • Create a facebook group and recruit at least 100 members • Display 100 advertisements locally for my event

  4. Set Goals • How many hosts do you want to recruit? • How many sponsors do you want to recruit? • How many big events will you host? • How many small events will you host? • How many businesses will you contact? • How many phone calls will you make?

  5. Sample Goals • Recruit10 individual hosts • Recruit 3 sponsors • Recruit 3 businesses hosts • Host 1 large event • Host 3 small events • Recruit 25 donors

  6. Set Goals (Cont.) • Focus on awareness goals rather than fundraising goals to begin with- funds will generate as a result. • Keep your intern contract in mind when setting your goals. • Obviously you want to achieve your goals, but the most important thing is to TRY to achieve them.

  7. Stay on Track • Stick to your timeline • Don’t procrastinate • If you get off track, recover and move on- don’t continue to fall behind.

  8. Plan Accordingly • Think about how long your event is going to take- you will need to allow adequate time to make your event a success. • Not planning ahead will only lead to more work. • Know what you want to accomplish.

  9. Communicate • Awareness comes from communication- don’t be afraid to talk about the cause. • It doesn’t hurt to ask!- If you don’t ask someone to donate/host an event/attend an event/sponsor an event, you’re missing an opportunity- the worst that can happen is they say no! • People are going to be more supportive of the cause if you are excited about it.

  10. Fundraising Ideas • Restaurant Proceed Nights- Ask local restaurants to host a proceed night where a portion of the funds raised on a designated date go to the cause. • Have a potluck at work. • Send letters to your friends and family explaining the cause and why you are serving as an intern and asking them to support you. • Create a facebook group and ask group members to support you.

  11. Fundraising Ideas (Cont.) • Invite your friends for a spaghetti dinner- ask them to donate what they would have spent had you gone to a restaurant instead. • Host a BBQ. • Have an in-home movie night and ask your friends to donate what they would have spent had you gone to a theatre.

  12. Advice • Funds are important, but you won’t raise funds without awareness, so put a great deal of effort into making people aware of what you are doing. • Focus on recruiting hosts willing to host their own events, understanding that you will support them but will not be doing all the work- you will easily get burnt out if you are doing it all on your own. • Remember that part of the potential success of Eat So They Can depends upon people knowing it exists.

  13. Advice (Cont.) • Plan smaller events that require less time and effort in addition to one main event. • Be creative- your event doesn’t have to be food focused. • Restaurant proceed nights are a proven success that require little time/effort. • Remember why it is you are serving as an intern- it’s not always easy but it’s worth it!