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Top Nissan Models

Nissan has always been known for its breadth of vehicle choice for all types of individuals. Whether you are looking for more cargo space, a faster acceleration, or merely comfortable transport for you and your friends, Nissan offers models that can accommodate your lifestyle.

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Top Nissan Models

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  1. Top Nissan Models

  2. What to Look for This Year • Nissan has always been known for it’s range of outstanding and high-quality cars for both self and family. • Whether you are looking for a vehicle with a fast acceleration or one that affords a larger cargo space, these are models that you should consider. • Every vehicle has it’s own strengths that will fit any personality type. The best thing for you to do it to a local Nissan dealershipand test drive one today.

  3. Sentra • You will find a 130-horsepower, four-cylinder enginein all 2013 models. • Some models have a six-speed manual transmission whereas others have a continuously variable transmission. • Comes with a large trunk space that is comparable with the trunk sizes of many mid-size automobiles.

  4. Altima • The handling has been refined for a more powerful and fluid acceleration. • The Altima carries a 38 MPG fuel economywhich means that you can go further without having to stop for another expensive gas-station visit. • Has “Moving Object Detection” technology that and tires that know they need air. Technology that adds benefit to the user.

  5. GT-R • The GT-R is known for it’s outstanding power and high-speed. This is considered high-end performance without a high-end price. • The GT-R carries a modern design with a interior. This means a sporty car that also carries a family in comfort. • Receives a lower MPG 16/23 city/highway efficiency. While this is not considered “efficient”, keep in mind that this car is built for power.

  6. 370Z Coupe • The 370Z Coupe is offered in both a couple and a roadster models. This means further customization for your tastes. • While the coupe offers base, Touring and Nismo trims, the roadster comes in base and Touring. • The Z-car engine is considered the most powerful ever. It offers 270 pound-feet of torque with a 3.7-liter V6 and 332 horsepower engine.

  7. Juke • Houses a 1.6-liter innline-4 engine, with 177 pound of torque on the front wheels and 188 horsepower front wheel drive. • Comes with a high number of accessories including cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity, keyless start, and a trip computer, just to name a few. • Carries a 27 mpg city/32 mpg highway rating. There is a slight change depending on if you are using a manual or an AWD transmission.

  8. Versa • The Nissan Versa is known as a compact car with a non-compact interior. This means more legroom for passengers. • Carries a 40/31 Highway/City average MPG. This high efficiency makes this an inexpensive car to maintain. • The rear seat folds down to make even more room for travel and storage space. This vehicle makes it easier to accommodate for your changing lifestyle.

  9. Rogue • Houses a 2.5-liter DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine which means that whether you are passing on the highway or accelerating up a steep incline, you will never lack power. • The Rogue is able to maximize it’s fuel economy with it’s new all-wheel drive system. By recognizing the shifting from city to highway driving, the Rogue can achieve up to 400 miles per full-tank of gas. • With seating for up to five individuals, each member can sit comfortably while still having up to 57 cubic feet of storage space.

  10. Cube • Powered by a 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine. It affords 122 horsepower and 127 pound/feet of torque. • Easily one of the most customizable vehicles that Nissan has to offer – both inside and out. From custom front grilles, to “one-of-a kind interior accessories”, the options that Nissan affords you are numerous. • The design is very unique. Whereas the outside focuses on the cube aspect of the vehicle, the inside is focuses on curves. This is the vehicle that is designed to for the unique individual. Go to your local Nissan dealer today and see what we mean. http://www.hoomannissan.com

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