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Slides at … tompeters

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  1. Tom Peters’Re-imagine!A Matchless Opportunity, A Sacred TrustWorld Financial Group/Las Vegas/30July2004

  2. Slides at …

  3. Biases.

  4. “In Tom’s world, it’s always better to try a swan dive and deliver a colossal belly flop than to step timidly off the board while holding your nose.” —Fast Company /October2003

  5. The greatest dangerfor most of usis not that our aim istoo highand we miss it,but that it istoo lowand we reach it.Michelangelo

  6. A Wildly Altered ContextA Stupendous OpportunityA Sacred Trust

  7. A Wildly Altered ContextA Stupendous OpportunityA Sacred Trust

  8. All Bets Are Off!

  9. The Perfect StormJobs X Technology XGlobalization XSecurity

  10. “14MILLION service jobs are in danger of being shipped overseas”—The Dobbs Report/USN&WR/11.03/re new UCB study

  11. “Income Confers No Immunity as Jobs Migrate”—Headline/USA Today/02.04

  12. “There is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore.”—Carly Fiorina/ HP/ 01.08.2004

  13. “One Singaporean workercosts as much as …3 … in Malaysia 8 … in Thailand 13 … in China 18 … in India.”Source: The Straits Times/08.18.03

  14. <1000A.D.: paradigm shift: 1000s of years1000: 100 years for paradigm shift1800s: > prior 900 years1900s: 1st 20 years > 1800s2000: 10 years for paradigm shift21st century: 1000Xtech change than 20th century (“the ‘Singularity,’ a merger between humans and computers that is so rapid and profound it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history”)Ray Kurzweil

  15. “The world has arrived at a rare strategic inflection point where nearly half its population—living in China, India and Russia—have been integrated into the global market economy, many of them highly educated workers, who can do just about any job in the world. We’re talking about three billion people.”—Craig Barrett/Intel/01.08.2004

  16. “When I was growing up, my parents used to say to me: ‘Finish your dinner—people in China are starving.’ I, by contrast, find myself wanting to say to my daughters: ‘Finish your homework—people in China and India are starving for your job.’ ” —Thomas Friedman/06.24.2004

  17. “This is a dangerous world and it is going to become more dangerous.”“We may not be interested in chaos but chaos is interested in us.”Source: Robert Cooper, The Breaking of Nations: Order and Chaos in the Twenty-first Century

  18. “Uncertainty is the only thing to be sure of.”—Anthony Muh,head of investment in Asia, Citigroup Asset Management“If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.”—General Eric Shinseki, Chief of Staff, U. S. Army

  19. “What is it that distinguishes the thousands of years of history from what we think of as modern times? The answer goes way beyond the progress of science, technology, capitalism and democracy. … The revolutionary idea that defines the boundary between modern times and the past is the mastery of risk: the notion that the future is more than a whim of the gods and that men and women are not passive before nature. [ Thinkers like Luca Paccioli, Jacob Bernoulli and Abraham de Moivre] converted risk-taking into one of the prime catalysts that drives modern Western society … and converted the future from an enemy into an opportunity.”—Peter Bernstein, Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk

  20. “In a global economy, the government cannot give anybody a guaranteed success story, but you can give people the tools to make the most of their own lives.”—Bill Clinton

  21. A Bias for Action!

  22. The Kotler Doctrine:1965-1980: R.A.F.(Ready.Aim.Fire.)1980-1995: R.F.A.(Ready.Fire!Aim.)1995-????: F.F.F.(Fire!Fire!Fire!)

  23. HTSH: Engage!Commit! Engage! Try! Fail! Get up! Try again! Fail again! Try again! But never, ever stop moving on! Progress for humanity is engendered by those who join and savor the fray by giving one hundred percent of themselves to their dreams! Not by those timid souls who remain glued to the sidelines, stifled by tradition, and fearful of losing face or giving offense to the reigning authorities.Keywords: Commit! Engage! Try! Fail! Persist!

  24. Fail. Forward. Fast.

  25. Sam’s Secret #1!

  26. “Rewardexcellentfailures. Punish mediocre successes.”Phil Daniels, Sydney exec (and, de facto, Jack)

  27. Weird Wins!

  28. Huh?“Humility: The Surprise Factor in Leadership … bosses with Gung-ho Qualities and Charisma May Be Out of Fashion” —Headline/FT/re JCollins/10.03

  29. “Humble” Pastels?T. Paine/P. Henry/A. Hamilton/T. Jefferson/B. FranklinA. Lincoln/U.S. Grant/W.T. ShermanTR/FDR/LBJ/RR/JFKPatton/Monty/HalseyM.L. King/C. de Gaulle/M. Gandhi/W. ChurchillPicasso/Mozart/Copernicus/Newton/Einstein/Djarassi/Watson H. Clinton/G. Steinem/I. Gandhi/G. Meir/M. Thatcher E. Shockley/A. Grove/J. Welch/L. Gerstner/L. Ellison/B. Gates/S. Jobs/S. McNealy/T. Turner/R. Murdoch/W. Wriston A. Carnegie/J.P. Morgan/H. Ford/S. Honda/J.D. Rockefeller/T.A. Edison Rummy/Norm/Henry/Wolfie Elizabeth Cady Stanton/Susan B. Anthony/Martha Cary Thomas/Carrie Chapman Catt/Alice Paul/Anna Elizabeth Dickinson/Arabella Babb Mansfield/Margaret Sanger

  30. Audie Murphy was the most decorated soldier in WW2. He won every medal we had to offer, plus 5 presented by Belgium and France. There was one common medal he never won …

  31. … the Good Conduct medal.

  32. The Cracked Ones Let in the Light“Our business needs a massive transfusion of talent, and talent, I believe, is most likely to be found among non-conformists, dissenters and rebels.”David Ogilvy

  33. Kevin Roberts’ Credo1. Ready. Fire! Aim.2. If it ain’t broke ... Break it!3. Hire crazies.4. Ask dumb questions.5. Pursue failure.6. Lead, follow ... or get out of the way!7. Spread confusion.8. Ditch your office.9. Read odd stuff.10. Avoid moderation!

  34. I Don’t Know!

  35. “Ninety percent of what we call ‘management’ consists of making it difficult for people to get things done.” – P.D.

  36. “I don’t know.”

  37. Quests!

  38. Organizing Genius / Warren Bennis and Patricia Ward Biederman“Groups become great only when everyone in them, leaders and members alike, is free to do his or her absolute best.”“The best thing a leader can do for a Great Group is to allow its members to discover their greatness.”


  40. Best Talent Wins!

  41. Age of AgricultureIndustrial AgeAge of Information IntensificationAge of Creation IntensificationSource: Murikami Teruyasu, Nomura Research Institute

  42. “The leaders of Great Groups love talent and know where to find it. They revel in the talent of others.”Warren Bennis & Patricia Ward Biederman, Organizing Genius

  43. Les Wexner: From sweaters to people!

  44. Diversity Pays!

  45. “Diversitydefines the health and wealth of nations in a new century.Mighty is the mongrel. The hybrid is hip. The impure, the mélange, the adulterated, the blemished, the rough, the black-and-blue, the mix-and-match – these people are inheriting the earth. Mixing is the new norm. Mixing trumps isolation. It spawns creativity, nourishes the human spirit, spurs economic growth and empowers nations.”G. Pascal Zachary, The Global Me: New Cosmopolitans and the Competitive Edge

  46. “Where do good new ideas come from? That’s simple! From differences. Creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions. The best way to maximize differences is to mix ages, cultures and disciplines.”Nicholas Negroponte

  47. Women Rule!

  48. “AS LEADERS, WOMEN RULE: New Studies find that female managers outshine their male counterparts in almost every measure”Title, Special Report, BusinessWeek, 11.20.00

  49. Women’s Strengths Match New Economy Imperatives: Link [rather than rank] workers; favor interactive-collaborative leadership style [empowerment beats top-down decision making]; sustain fruitful collaborations; comfortable with sharing information; see redistribution of power as victory, not surrender; favor multi-dimensional feedback; value technical & interpersonal skills, individual & group contributions equally; readily accept ambiguity; honor intuition as well as pure “rationality”; inherently flexible; appreciate cultural diversity.Source: Judy B. Rosener, America’s Competitive Secret: Women Managers

  50. “TAKE THIS QUICK QUIZ: Who manages more things at once? Who puts more effort into their appearance? Who usually takes care of the details? Who finds it easier to meet new people? Who asks more questions in a conversation? Who is a better listener? Who has more interest in communication skills? Who is more inclined to get involved? Who encourages harmony and agreement? Who has better intuition? Who works with a longer ‘to do’ list? Who enjoys a recap to the day’s events? Who is better at keeping in touch with others?”Source: Selling Is a Woman’s Game: 15 Powerful Reasons Why Women Can Outsell Men, Nicki Joy & Susan Kane-Benson