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Offering Help

Offering Help

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Offering Help

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  1. Offering Help A Job-Related Social Skill

  2. Offering Help Things you need to know when offering help . . . Approach the person who you will offer help. Greet the person if you need to. Offer help. Ask the person for directions if you need to. Take the directions if you need to. Respond to the person if they thank you.

  3. Offering Help Accepting help was the last skill we talked about. GETT?

  4. Offering Help G - Greet (if needed) E - Express appreciation T - Tell how to help T - Thank the person

  5. Offering Help Why accept help in a nice polite manner?

  6. Offering Help People feel good when they are able to help. They feel useful or wanted.

  7. Offering Help The help skill that we have not talked about is offering or giving help.

  8. Offering Help What does it mean to offer help?

  9. Offering Help When someone needs help, you ask if you can help them or, when you're finished with your work, you see if others can use your help.

  10. Offering Help When might you offer help to someone?

  11. Offering Help You might offer help when another person needs help or, when you're finished with your work.

  12. Offering Help Who might you offer to help at work?

  13. Offering Help You may need to help an employer, a co-worker, a customer, or a delivery person.

  14. Offering Help How do people usually react to another person who offers help?

  15. Offering Help People are usually friendly to you when you ask if they need help.

  16. Offering Help What should you say or do if a person says they don't want your help?

  17. Offering Help If someone says they don't want your help you could say "okay" or smile, or say something like "If you change your mind let me know."

  18. Offering Help Think about this situation. Picture it in your mind. Thomas has been given the job of filling the vegetable bins at the grocery store, it's a job that you used to do. Thomas doesn't seem very sure of himself and isn't doing so well. What are some things you could do or say?

  19. Offering Help • smile • Say "Can I help you?" • Tell him that you've done that job before and know what to do. • Ask Thomas if he needs some help. • Say something like "How's it going?" to make Thomas more comfortable. • Say his name. • Speak clearly and loudly enough to be understood.

  20. Offering Help What's involved when you ask someone if they need help? There's a lot of things you do when you offer help.

  21. Offering Help • You smile. • You approach the person. • You speak clearly. • You say hello. • You say the person's name.

  22. Offering Help • Make the person feel more comfortable by saying something like "How's it going?" • Ask "Can I help you?" or Do you need some help?" • You offer to help. • Be specific, say what you can do.

  23. Offering Help • Ask what you can do to help if you don't know what to do. • Ask the person for directions if you need to.

  24. Offering Help Remember . . . It is important to make the person feel comfortable when you offer to help them. Helping the person is not doing their job for them. Sometimes you may need to show the person how to do the job.

  25. Offering Help The steps for offering help are. . . • Greet the person if you need to. • Offer help. • Ask for directions if you need to. • Take directions if you need to. • Say "You're welcome" or "No problem" when the person thanks you.

  26. Offering Help So, there are 5 steps for offering help to people. 4 of the steps are only done when necessary. • For example: • If someone is carrying groceries and is about to drop them, you would not greet them before helping them. • You may not need to ask for or take directions. • You would only say "You're welcome" if the person says "Thank you."

  27. Offering Help The main step is offering help. There are many ways to offer help. What are some ways you can offer help?

  28. Offering Help Some ways to offer help are. . . • Do you need help? • Can I help you? • What can I do? • Or sometimes, just help the person.