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Real Estate For Sale

Real Estate For Sale

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Real Estate For Sale

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  1. Real Estate For Sale

  2. Provide The Best Home Valuations And Real Estate • the site and its mobile apps are dedicated to adding consumers with the following: home valuations, selling your house, refinancing your house, and finding homes and foreclosures for sale. 

  3. Top 3 Major Types of Real Estate PropertyThe vast majority of real estate agents and brokers work with three major property types. It's no coincidence that these are the three property types accounting for most of the real estate ownership transfers. As a new agent or broker, you may want to narrow your focus and specialize in one or more property types. A study of the number of properties of each type in your area, and their relative values, would indicate the possible financial rewards of working with each type.

  4. > Vacant Land Vacant land in some areas actually commands a higher commission percentage, but that is becoming less frequent now.  Higher land commissions probably came about at first due to the lower selling prices, so commissions were adjusted higher to get to a minimum. 

  5. Residential Properties > The residential type of property is by far the most popular with both new and experienced agents. That's no surprise, since the year 2000 US Census shows more than 105 million occupied housing units.

  6. Commercial Properties > Commercial property can be empty land zoned for commercial use, or an existing business building or buildings. Commercial property valuation requires a more complex method, taking into account the income potential of the property, historical revenue, cash flow with owner perks removed and much more. 

  7. Get in touch Sales/Support (800) 379-2950 General Support Technical Support: Billing Support Mailing Address HouseValueStore.com5701 Lindero Canyon Rd., Suite 1-204Westlake Village, CA 91362