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Who Am I?

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Who Am I?

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  1. Who Am I? By Jorge Castillo

  2. I am the flame that wont dim when splashed with water. • I am the soldier that witnesses his allies die, but continues to fight. • I am the one who will persevere in times of desperation and turmoil. • I keep my head up when I’m at my lowest. • I WILL ALWAYS STAND UP FOR WHAT I BELIEVE IS RIGHT.

  3. What Makes Me Who I Am ? I tend to act on how people treat me. If I receive respect, I’ll return it. I don’t believe in giving people second chances when they disrespect me without even knowing me or what I’m capable of. The reason for this is because I’m sure that if I acted sour towards someone, they wouldn’t expect me to act any other way.

  4. Music is my life I’ve been influenced by music ever since I was a child. From listening to the Spanish music my parents played in their house while they were cleaning, to the cyphers that I’ve jumped on in parks along with my friends. This is what makes me who I am. I love music, I love writing lyrics and I love rapping. People tell me I’m rather good at rapping and I honestly appreciate that. Who knows, maybe one day you guys willlhear me on the radio.

  5. I live alone in a studio apartment. There’s times in the early morning that I wake up and crank the radio’s volume to the maximum just to wake up my neighbors downstairs. I feel that by me doing that, I’m doing a good deed. Doing that alone puts a grin on my face. I hang out with my brother a lot. He tends to bring his girlfriend and a couple other people over and we would simply hang out and crack a few jokes. My family isn’t a perfect family, but our imperfections make us perfect.

  6. All in All …. I believe I’m a very down to earth person. I’m considerate when it comes to dealing wit peoples’ emotions, and I tend to give advice to the best of my ability. I’m a great problem solver, I love working with people who have intricate thoughts, because I feel as if I can share thoughts on that same level, if not higher.