pros and cons of having and not having a cell phone n.
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Pros and Cons of Having and Not Having a Cell Phone PowerPoint Presentation
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Pros and Cons of Having and Not Having a Cell Phone

Pros and Cons of Having and Not Having a Cell Phone

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Pros and Cons of Having and Not Having a Cell Phone

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  1. Pros and Cons of Having and Not Having a Cell Phone By: Alexandra Froman & Maddy Kear

  2. How Cell Phones Have Had a Good Effect On Us • Positive1. quicken communication2. Saved more lives3. made money transfers easier4. enabled us reach out to so many at ago.5. made advertising easier 6.used for making money during promotions by participantsand so many others • -Yahoo Answers

  3. How Cell Phones Have Had a Bad Effect On Us • negatives1. Encouraged telling of lies2. increased infidelity3. Used as a tool for theft-especially on promotional programs4. exposure of secrets5.source of inconveniences during meetings6.An inconvenience in public places -Yahoo Answers

  4. An Interview With a Parent Q: What were good and bad things about not having a cell phone as a kid? A: Good things were that people didn’t call so much and weren’t so annoying like they are now. Bad things were that you had to go all the way home and call, call from someone else's house, or using a pay phone which wasn’t to convenient. Q: What’s good and bad about having a cell phone now? A: You can get a hold of people faster and for example if you went grocery shopping and you forgot if you were out of something you could call on your phone from the store and ask whoever was at home if you needed more of something or not. But sometimes you don’t want to talk to someone right then and they call you thirty million times it can get really annoying. It’s also bad because people don’t always turn off their cell phones during movies or meetings and their phone is really loud and they talk on the phone really loud to which is very rude to do.

  5. In the space of a decade, cell phones have gone from novelties to arguably the most central objects in our lives. They connect us to our loved ones, enable businesses, help us behave more intelligent, and give citizens a viral voice -- especially important in countries where phones are the only real means people have to spread information. And yet, despite how close we are to our cell phones -- paying a small fortune for them, nesting them in our palms, talking to them all the time -- we know amazingly little about them and the heavy impact they're having on our world. -Tree Hugger Mobile phones could kill far more people than smoking or asbestos, a study by an award-winning cancer expert has concluded. He says people should avoid using them wherever possible and that governments and the mobile phone industry must take "immediate steps" to reduce exposure to their radiation. The study, by Dr Vini Khurana, is the most devastating indictment yet published of the health risks. -The Independent Health and Families What Other People Have To Say About Cell Phones

  6. What We Have To Say About Other Peoples Opinions • First of all we thought that article about the man thinking cell phones could be worse than smoking was very interesting. We thought so because we never thought about cell phones being capable of killing someone or it being worse than smoking. • For the article from Tree Hugger we thought that they had a point. The cell phone has become somewhat like the center of our lives. But we also thought that the impact that they’re having on our world could be a bad thing to them because they are environmentalists and a cell phone isn’t very eco-friendly.

  7. Our Opinion On Good & Bad Things About Cell Phones • Our opinion on cell phones is that they’re a wonderful piece of technology. But sometimes they have they’re glitches. Such as they sometimes take too long to process things and it gets irritating, if you have a touch screen phone it will sometimes do the wrong thing or accidently call someone, and if you have a voice command phone you might say something and it will do something else. Some good things are that they have made communicating easier and more efficient for us. They also have made our lives easier because, for example, smart phones have different features such as you can access the web, download things, and you can listen to music right from your phone. Smart phones also have applications such as radio, facebook, etc.

  8. A Students Opinion on Cell Phones “I think that cell phones are awesome! They help us communicate with people that are far away or just out of reach. But I’d have to say that cell phones sometimes get annoying with the constant ringing but otherwise it’s something that I’d use everyday.” -Regina Davis

  9. Cell Phones Changing Year By Year

  10. People Using Cell Phones

  11. A Scenario On How Cell Phones are Beneficial Alex: Hello. Maddy: Hey it’s Maddy. I didn’t get to see you after school so I thought I’d call you. Alex: Okay. What’s up? Maddy: I was wondering if you could come to the movies tomorrow with me. Alex: Okay what movie should we see? Maddy: How about Valentine’s Day? Alex: Okay sounds good so 1:00? Maddy: Yeah I’ll meet you at the Palace Theater at 1:00. See you there. Alex: Okay see you. Bye! Maddy: Bye! This certain scenario shows how you can make plans with someone if you aren’t able to see them in person. So for the basic point of this scenario we want to show you how cell phones are useful.

  12. A Scenario On How Cell Phones Are Bad Alex: WORK!!!Ugh work you damn cell phone!!! Maddy: Maybe it’s not on. Alex: Shut your mouth! Maddy: Sorry I’m just trying to help. Alex: Yeah well don’t! I’m already frustrated enough with this cell phone!!! Maddy: Well maybe then I should just leave! Alex: Yeah go ahead get out! Maddy: Fine! I will! This scenario shows how cell phones not only sometimes won’t work right but how it can tear friends apart. It might be kind of hard to understand but from this scenario on how cell phones can be bad hopefully you will understand.

  13. Thanks For Watching!