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Master 1000 Sight Words!

With Nightmare Roller Coaster!. Another Amazing Product from WBT!. Master 1000 Sight Words!. A World Leader In Brain Based Education. How to use Electronic SuperSpeed 1000

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Master 1000 Sight Words!

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  1. With Nightmare Roller Coaster! Another Amazing Product from WBT! Master 1000 Sight Words!

  2. A World Leader In Brain Based Education

  3. How to use Electronic SuperSpeed 1000 Electronic SuperSpeed 1000 (ES 1000) contains 1000 sight words arranged in order of frequency in English. Thus, the first word “the” is the most common English word, “to” the second word is the second most common word, and so on. The more quickly students can read sight words, the more they will enjoy reading. ES 1000 can be used from kindergarten through adult literacy programs. New readers focus on the first 5-10 words; advanced readers master the last 800-1000 words. For ease of reading, each syllable of a multi-syllable word is color coded. Every tenth card contains a nonsense word which kids will have fun saying and which gives them additional practice in decoding word sounds: sploot, narp, bap, etc. ES 1000 is simple to use. Put the program on a computer’s hard drive and project the words onto your classroom’s screen. Page through the words, while your students read them aloud. A variety of games are possible. -- See how many words your class can read in one, two or three minutes. -- Page through the words slowly, then quickly, then slowly, as if the class is on an roller coaster. (The last 400 words contain special Nightmare Roller Coaster graphics.) -- Go forward, then unexpectedly backward. -- Make copies of words your class has problems with and insert these copies at unexpected places in the sequence. -- Count your students off in 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s and then give each group turns in reading sight words. -- Pit boys against the girls, or the left side of the classroom against the right, to see who can read a sequence of words the most quickly. -- Play “Quiet Riot” in which students alternately whisper and shout words. -- Modify the program to your students’ needs; add “bonus” vocabulary or core concept words to the list. -- Use the program as a stand alone reading exercise that students use on individual computers.

  4. More... To add even more fun, add your own narration to ES 1000. “Ah, slow section coming up ... read slooooowly!” Page through the file slowly. “Oh, no! Speed zone coming up!” Suddenly increase the speed of your page flipping. “Right turn! Everybody lean right!” Your whole class leans right as they shout the sight words. “Hands up and shriek in this next hard section!” Your kids shriek with their hands up as they master ES 1000‘s sight words. An especially powerful feature of ES 1000 is that it is an “open architecture.” Tailor the program to your needs, by adding new words to the list, deleting others or creating new nonsense words. Use ES 1000 with a printed list of SuperSpeed 1000, available as a free download at WholeBrainTeaching.com. ES 1000 is for the class as a whole; SuperSpeed 1000 is for each student to set and break individual reading records.

  5. Words 1-100 zooming up! Blast them!! Oh No, Earthling! Danger ahead!

  6. the

  7. to

  8. and

  9. he

  10. a It is anoun.

  11. I

  12. you

  13. it b f h ? ? ?

  14. of d gl ?

  15. in

  16. was

  17. said

  18. his

  19. that

  20. she

  21. for

  22. on

  23. they

  24. but

  25. had

  26. at

  27. him

  28. with

  29. up

  30. see

  31. all

  32. look

  33. is

  34. her

  35. there

  36. some

  37. word

  38. out

  39. as

  40. be

  41. each

  42. have

  43. go

  44. we

  45. am

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