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  1. Penbrella A business problem….

  2. What is enterprise??? You have 5 minutes to use the internet to find as many definitions of enterprise as you can. Write the definitions down so that you can share them with the group.

  3. What is enterprise? Being ENTERPRISING means being able to: • To be creative and to come up with new ideas and ways of doing things. • Judge whether something is worth doing in view of the risks involved; • Take advantage of change – new methods, processes, changes in things people want. • Being willing to try and to learn from the mistakes made. • Be brave, daring, dedicated and motivated (profit/social).

  4. With the person next to you work out who they are and why you think they might be enterprising. Put your answers on the table in the first two columns. Who is enterprising??? - Look at the people below 5. 1. 3. Victoria Beckham – Music, books clothing, perfume etc Anita Roddick - Body Shop James Dyson - Dyson 6. 4. 2. Stelios Haji-Ioannou - EasyJet Richard Branson - Virgin Alan Sugar - Amstrad

  5. Entrepreneur… • Someone who has a business idea and develops it. They take risks and the profits that come with success as well as the losses that may come with failure. Activity: • Think about what skills the entrepreneurs mentioned previously, have and how this makes them enterprising! • Put the answers in the third column on the table

  6. What characteristics do you think entrepreneurs such as the ones discussed have that made them successful? Ability to manage finances Vision Passion Judgement Independence Perseverance What are the key characteristics of a successful entrepreneur? Courage Intelligent Self-motivated Commitment Leadership Risk Management Not afraid of failure Creativity Can do attitude Innovation Task: With the person next to you pick the top 5 characteristics you think are most important.

  7. Activity… With the person sitting next to you think of a product/service you know/use Discuss how this product could be better to improve its sales. You must be prepared to share it with the class. You have 5 minutes to discuss this. You need to give reasons as to WHY you believe it should be changed and HOW you might change it.

  8. Plenary… Think about the following questions: What is being enterprising? • Write down the three most important characteristics of a successful entrepreneur