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Eva Perón

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Eva Perón

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  1. Eva Perón Alannah McCaffrey

  2. Biografía Se llama Eva Duarte. Me cumpleañoses el 7 de mayo 1919. Eva was born in the small town of Los Toldos, Argentina. When she was 15, 1934, Eva moved to the capital, Buenos Aires, to fulfill her dream of being an actress. In 1945 she married Juan Perón. In 146 he became president of Argentina. She died July 26, 1952 from cancer. Her legacy still inspires us today.

  3. Actriz • Ella canta en películas. Trabaja a una estación de radio. After working the radio station for a few years she began to sing on stage. Her career took off. To get to the top, she had many affairs with important men. She would use them to get higher in the industry. She was a very goof entertainer. When she was preforming, she just lit up the stage. • Madonna - Evita Don't Cry for Me Argentina (Official Music Video) - YouTube

  4. Women’s Rights Activist • Ella lucha para mujeres. Le gusta la igualdad de mujeres. When her husband became president she fought to make sure women for treated equal to men. Since she grew up poor, she wanted everyone, even the poor, to have a chance at their dream. Eva set up missions for poor women across Argentina. Women in Argentina still look up to her.

  5. Legado • Ellatrabaja para los pobres. Ella inspira los chicas. Eva inspired girls to go after their dreams. When she was the first lady she made it her job for girls not to live like she did, very poor and less fortunate. Argentinian women look up to her for her motivation and courage. Movies and musicals were written about her to show her talent and legacy.