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Benefits to Your Social Media Website PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits to Your Social Media Website

Benefits to Your Social Media Website

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Benefits to Your Social Media Website

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  1. Why Humour is Beneficial to your Social Media Website Everyone loves a good laugh and hearing or reading something funny can often put a smile on your face that lasts the whole day. Whether it be a funny picture, article or quote, stumbling across something that makes you laugh turns your whole day around. This is why it is so important for businesses to incorporate humour into their social media pages. When people find something you post funny, they are more likely to follow you and get involved with your brand. In fact, most big name brands consider the use of humor to be a core part of their social media presence. When big name brands use humour, it makes them seem more human which consumers find relatable, establishing a connective bridge from them to you. Humor is also attention grabbing. When readers find something funny among the lulling stream of bland and predictable posts, it stands out, making the company stand out. Many businesses seem to forget the importance of humour and focus purely on technical matters. While it is important to post tons of industry related content, every once in a while including something funny can really make you stand out and push your business that extra mile. According to Hootsuite, 72% of people that are following a brand on social media are more likely to make a purchase. Since using humour increases followers, there is a noteworthy connection to be made between the use of humour and the likelihood that a follower will make a purchase. This is because seeing something funny creates a friendly relationship between the brand and consumer. Subconsciously, a positive association is created between the brand and the act of smiling or laughing as the body’s natural chemicals associated with positivity are released. Everyone who uses Twitter,

  2. Facebook and GooglePlus knows that when they see something funny in the midst of all the other articles, they are more likely to click on it and view the brands profile to read on. This makes the brand more memorable in the eyes of the reader. Overall, having a prevalent and positive social media presence is important to customer acquisition. Marketers use social media to reap benefits of increasing brand exposure, increasing web traffic, and gaining market insight. If you are still questioning it, just look at the facts: “Over 70% of business-to- consumer marketers have acquired their customers through Facebook. The most common type of content to be uploaded to Facebook would include 75% Photos, 10% links, 6% status updates and 8% other”. Within such photos, links and statuses must include content that is interesting as well as relevant and amusing to keep followers following. How can this be done? Simple — by using humour! References: infographic