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Science Project

Science Project

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Science Project

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  1. Science Project Running and Running Shoes Micah Hinson

  2. How can an athlete improve their technique by letting science work for them instead of against them? • How do a runner’s shoe and friction affect a run? (Newton’s 3rd Law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.) (Newton’s 1st Law: An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.) Question

  3. Means terrestrial motion allowing humans and animals to move rapidly • At one point in the circular motion, both feet are off the ground • Speeds range from a person’s jog to sprint • Kinetic and potential energy occur simultaneously in stride Running

  4. Occurs when foot makes contact with ground • Footstrikes: 1. Forefront 2. Midpoint 3. Heel Strike • Impacted Joints: 1. Hip 2. Knee 3. Ankle Footstrike

  5. Footstrike Midstance Propulsion phase Swing Phase Running Cycle

  6. Knee flexion is under the trunk (bottom) and propulsion begins • Hip and knee extend • Propulsion Continues until leg extends back • Maximum hip and knee extension • Toe off • Result: Body moves forward and initial swing begins Midstance *Propulsion means to push forward

  7. Involves beginnings at midstance until toe off • Bodies store energy to propel forward • Big hip extension • Where we get the biggest pay out in running Propulsion Phrase

  8. The start of the limbs return • Knee bends slightly as it swings to other part of body • One side is toe off/propulsion other side is swing/recovery Swing Phase

  9. Friction with running shoe: The grip of a runner’s shoe against the ground Laws: As the runner’s foot and shoe hit the ground, the grip from the shoe to the ground and the force of the body going back, propel the runner forward. Without the grip from the shoe, the runner would slip and slide all over the place. Newton’s Laws in Running

  10. Brooks Asics New Balance Saucony Shoes I Researched

  11. After Research I found: • Trail running shoes have a better grip to ground surfaces • Different styled shoes serve different purposes • New Balance would be the ideal shoe to buy in matters of friction or grip to the ground Results

  12. Different shoes have different styles and traits that make them unique. Engineers need to consider: • Gender, males and females have different bodies and running styles/traits/habits • The purpose of the shoe, trail running, heel support, comfort etc… • The shoe must be designed to withstand the force or impact of the runner • Finally the fit to a person’s foot Connection to Engineering

  13. Science can work for a runner in their shoes if they find a shoe that can take their force or impact. • Also, if the runner doesn’t have enough friction or grip to the ground with their shoes, the are more susceptible to falling or tripping. Answer

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