rapid electric heating faucet n.
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Rapid Electric Heating faucet PowerPoint Presentation
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Rapid Electric Heating faucet

Rapid Electric Heating faucet

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Rapid Electric Heating faucet

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  1. Rapid Electric Heating faucet ---- This is a practical tool for family usage such as washing vegetable, dishes and plates, kitchen devices or washing hands in cold weather. At anytime, anywhere, you will enjoy warmness within 5 seconds.

  2. Rapid Electric Heating faucet

  3. Heating time is only 5 seconds. • Saving Power Saving 50% water, 30% power, resources using efficiency 99%. This device adopts terminal calefaction • No need of pre-heating any tubes or wires • No need of heat storage. • No need long time heating. Saving 10—20% heat loss in the connection tubes in heat storage faucet; Saving 10—20% heat loss due to self heat storage, saving remaining heat 10—20% in heated tubes

  4. Rapid Electric Heating faucet • Saving Water It saves more than 30% water supply than the regular storage heating faucet. • Saving time With 5 seconds, water will be heated, no need to wait for heating.. • Safe Use insulated PP material, safe in using. • Convenient • High efficiency

  5. It’s easily seen that our products are small, light, with high technique, with lower cost, the scale benefit is high.. Competitive pricing • The price is much lower than storage heating faucet. It’s easily seen that our products are small, light, with high technique, with lower cost, the scale benefit is high..

  6. Small, convenient • Compact design, easily to install and carry, occupying no any special space, installed easily. No need to ask for any professionals. Within 10 mins, you can get it done easily. So it can be widely used in family kitchens, travelling people, filed operations and construction teams..

  7. Rapid heating. • Once the faucet is turn on, the electricity circuit will be connected automatically. With 5—10 seconds, the water will be heated. Such convenient usage ensures you do not need to wait for a long time of heated water when using storage faucet.

  8. No storage limit, • No storage limit and continuous heating are two strong points which no any storage water heater can compete against. Once there is tap water and power supply, it will work forever..