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Lee Saint

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Lee Saint

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  1. What is the appeal to audiences of such shocking war films and war games? You may refer to other media products to support your answer Lee Saint

  2. Call of duty • This video shows the trailer for the online part of the shooter game call of duty, I can use this to talk about the competitive nature of war games and its this that has made them so popular, with people going back to games over and over again for long periods of time.

  3. Full metal jacket poster • This can be used to talk about how todays society has become desensitized by violence and war as a whole, the poster itself shows this with the caption “ in Vietnam the wind doesn't’t blow it sucks” showing that even the movie has a comical side even though its based on a big war that affected many people.

  4. Tropic thunder • This can be used as an example to show how war has become a big part of life due to the way the film projects war as fun, full of actioninstead of what war is like in reality, which is completely different.

  5. Battlefield 3 • This is another war game which focuses more on making the whole experience more realistic, with realistic settings and a focus on the war that is happening in the middle east at the moment. This game may be much more acceptable compared to that of call of duty due to it being linked to a real war, but some people may se this as less acceptable as people shouldn't’t be able to experience what war is like, especially like one that is happening at the moment.

  6. News story • This is a news story about the remaining troops left in Afghanistan which will be coming home in the next 2 years. This shows how war isn't the answer as once they have pulled out, the country will still be fighting with each other meaning all this sacrifice would have been for nothing, even though this is a war the country never wanted in the first place. This can be used to show that war is no good and doesn't’t solve anything, showing that war isn't popular at all in reality.