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iWebFolio Overview Tutorial

iWebFolio Overview Tutorial. Images in this tutorial: http://www.freeimages.co.uk/. iWebfolio Overview. iWebfolio is a web-based tool that allows you to create an electronic portfolio that can be reviewed by others online quickly and easily. iWebfolio Overview.

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iWebFolio Overview Tutorial

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  1. iWebFolio Overview Tutorial Images in this tutorial: http://www.freeimages.co.uk/

  2. iWebfolio Overview • iWebfolio is a web-based tool that allows you to create an electronic portfolio that can be reviewed by others online quickly and easily.

  3. iWebfolio Overview • A portfolio is a carefully selected collection of artifacts used to show an individual’s growth, capabilities, competencies, and experiences.

  4. iWebfolio Overview • Your portfolio may include a variety of different artifacts including text files, multi-media files, descriptions of your experiences, reflections, journal entries, work experiences, work samples, learning goals, and more.

  5. iWebfolio Overview • Artifacts used in iWebfolio fall into one of three categories: Files, Items, or Websites.

  6. iWebfolio Overview • A File can be any type of electronic file. • An Item is something that you create in iWebfolio. • A Website is a collection of linked html pages that you have uploaded into iWebfolio.

  7. iWebfolio Templates • You can build your portfolio using a template or you can create your own portfolio structure. Usually, a template is designed by an instructor for a portfolio assignment.

  8. iWebfolio Templates • A template provides the structure for your portfolio through designated categories and establishes parameters for the types of artifacts that you can include in your portfolio. You simply attach the required artifacts according to the instructions!

  9. iWebfolio Categories • Categories within portfolios serve as a table of contents for the portfolio. • A portfolio reviewer selects a category to view the artifacts included in that category.

  10. iWebfolio Categories • Categories can be reordered unless the template disables this feature. Use the small arrows to the right of each category to move the category up or down.

  11. iWebfolio Categories • To edit a category select the category you wish to edit from the list at the left side of your screen. Click Edit near the upper right hand corner of the screen. If the Edit link is disabled, then this category has been marked as read only in the template you used.

  12. iWebfolio Editing Toolbar • Use the Editing Toolbar to edit the contents of the category page.

  13. iWebfolio Attachments • Artifacts, including Files, Items, and Websites, can be added to your portfolio as attachments to a category. Click Add Attachment at the bottom of your screen and select the artifact that you wish to attach.

  14. iWebfolio My Files • You can easily upload and store many different kinds of files in your iWebfolio account for use in your portfolios including electronic documents, spreadsheets, digital photographs, and images. • Keep in mind that anyone who views your portfolio will need the appropriate software to view your files.

  15. iWebfolio My Files • Files can be included in your portfolio as attachments or they can be incorporated into an Item using a hot link.

  16. iWebfolio My Items • Items allows you to design pages that include text, tables, images and hotlinks to present your items and information.

  17. iWebfolio Editing Toolbar • The Editing Toolbar allows you to designate text fonts, create hot links to websites or files, and incorporate tables and images into your item page. Text Fonts Images Hot Links Color Tables

  18. iWebfolio My Websites • You can upload a website or group of associated html pages using Websites.

  19. iWebfolio Reflections • The Add Reflection tool allows you to post reflections about your portfolio artifacts.

  20. iWebfolio Permissions • Your portfolio can be shared with one or more portfolio reviewers. You can select Affiliated Reviewers associated with your institution or Custom Reviewers from outside of your institution.

  21. iWebfolio View Portfolio • Click View Portfolio in the upper right hand corner of your screen to view your completed portfolio!

  22. iWebfolio View Portfolio

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