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Ideal Services Plumbing Repair Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Ideal Services Plumbing Repair Services

Ideal Services Plumbing Repair Services

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Ideal Services Plumbing Repair Services

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  1. Ideal Services Plumbing Repair Services

  2. Ideal Plumbing Repair, HVAC, and Electrical Services We know that you have many choices for Plumbing repair in Las Vegas. Why not use the skills and talent of an experienced Plumbing repair and Air Conditioning repair company? Ideal Services has been repairing Plumbing problems and Air conditioning problems in the Las Vegas Valley for over fifteen years. We pride ourselves on customer service, and delivering state of the art, professional plumbing repair and air conditioning repair solutions for all of your AC and plumbing needs. As one of the very limited number of Trane certified AC companies in Las Vegas, we offer quick response, financing, FREE estimates and written guarantees.

  3. Electrical Repair – Ceiling Fans Ceiling fans are a great way to update a room. It seems easy enough…Purchase the fan kit, then install. Although it does appear easy and with all the DIY shows on TV, they make it look so easy. Anytime you are dealing with electricity and you have to be extra careful. If you are placing a ceiling fan where there is no existing wiring for it, then crawling up in a tight attic space, cutting the drywall, and fishing the wiring through the walls for the switch is time consuming and oftentimes it’s just better to hire a professional. Ideal Services has some great prices on ceiling fans, and installations for the total package. Imagine not having to do anything but pick up the phone to call one of our licensed electricians to bring out the fan, and install it backed by a 100% written warranty.

  4. Water Heaters Most of our homes have a typical “tank” or tank type water heater. They range in size and gallons. They use a design that has been around for ages. Cold water is delivered to the tank, then heated by a burner. The hot water moves to the top of the tank and then gets distributed throughout the entire home. This design is simple, and functional. Even through it’s simplicity, things can go wrong and if the water heater is old, it may be time to think about replacing if repairing will cost you more money than it’s worth. The biggest complaint people have is that there is no hot water. Even though the design is simple, because you are dealing with gas and plumbing, it’s often best to call in the services of a licensed plumber.

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