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Online Reputation Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

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Online Reputation Management

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  1. Online Reputation Management Managing your online reputation is like opening a Pandora's box. Online Reputation focuses on two things: 1. To establish yourself as a definitive & credible asset while doing anything 2. Keeping the most important, valuable results about your business or you on the first page of the search engines. Online Reputation resembles a credit report that can be seen by everyone. "Online reviews are trusted as much as personal recommendations by almost 85% of consumers" and "49% of them require a four-star rating before they prioritize you." Online Reputation Threats For effective online reputation management, having an idea of the possible threats is deemed to be necessary. These threats are also known as online reputation bombs. 1.Bad Publicity by Media Unfavourable media stories can sometimes imprint the reputation of a brand or company. The havoc caused by the safety issues of Instant noodles brand Maggi is a recent example of this infamous publicity. 2. Negative Reviews

  2. Online Reputation Management Reviews have become a part n parcel of customers’ psyche. It may be writing about an Amazon product or reviewing a restaurant on Zomato, and they like to give an insight into every product Customers buying decisions are enormously impacted with the peer reviews. Negative reviews can have an enduring effect on the reputation of a brand. 3.The Complaints of Customers on Social Media These complaints can snowball the reputation of a brand under ineffective management. Having an awful product experience prompts the clients to post negatively on the social media page of the company. Tips for EffectiveOnline Reputation Management You can take control of your online reputation by effectively following these tips: •Building your personal brand •Google yourself •Combat negative posts or make your accounts private Building your personal brand After evaluating what exists about you on the web, it's an excellent opportunity to concentrate on branding yourself. Try to publish unique content as it increases the chances to be ranked high in search results. A high ranking content benefits your reputation.

  3. Online Reputation Management Google Yourself Google yourself to know what already exists about your company. You can also try to google your name variations, different catchphrases with your name & incorrect spellings, for example, your organization name, the city you live in, or your title of your job. Observe the results, both negative & positive. You can use the results as a benchmark for building your online reputation. After completing the initial review, it is imperative to stay up with the latest changes in the search results. Combat negative posts or make your accounts private Proactively impacting the data that can be seen by the clients while they search for your brand is known as online reputation management. It likewise means reacting in a customer-centric and constructive way to the negative feedback of clients. Urging upbeat clients to give positive audits in various content formats is another part of online reputation management. The End Note Your online reputation is the best portrayal of you. There is not a single individual who couldn't profit by improving their online reputation. How others see you online can have a gigantic effect in anything from having the option to join an evening running club or getting your dream job. Without a decent online reputation, you will battle to become famous in the present era. These are things anybody can begin doing today. Source: