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enlighten your future with jee exams n.
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Enlighten Your Future With JEE Exams PowerPoint Presentation
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Enlighten Your Future With JEE Exams

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Enlighten Your Future With JEE Exams
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Enlighten Your Future With JEE Exams

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  1. Enlighten Your Future With JEE Exams

  2. Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is a prestigious entrance examination for entrance for B.tech in a variety of engineering colleges in India. It constitutes two dissimilar examinations namely. 1. JEE Main  2. JEE Advanced. These are objective in the pattern. JEE Advanced is considered globally as one of the most exigent undergraduate doorway test. Few institutes like the Indian Institute of science and research (IISERs), Rajiv Gandhi Institute of petroleum and technology and the Indian Institute of science make use of the result obtained in JEE Advanced as an origin for the right of entry. The solitary cause the JEE exams are so hard is because of India’s towering inhabitants. There are many coaching centres are available that provide theBest Books for IIT JEE Preparation, this helps you in your self-study.

  3. JEE is very important if you want to be an engineer in India. IIT's hunted to continue their sovereignty and thought that JEE Mains is not right to measure the efficiency of top students. Hence they decided to follow another examination i.e. JEE Advanced to admit students to undergraduate programmes. Nearly 13–15 lakh students engrave this exam even when the success rate is 0.1% for NIT and 0.05% for IIT. Above all, it’s an affair of social conceit that one is studying in IIT or NIT. He/she becomes a local celebrity if his/hers JEE is cleared with a good grade. It is not every one cups of tea to crack the exam, you can’t get admission in IIT or NIT without JEE and for every Engineering candidate, these are their dream colleges. Earlier self-studies were recommended for preparation of the alike but with thebest coaching for JEE Advanced, the accessibility to study material is improved and lead to fiercer competition.

  4. Adding to its importance: The normal salary package from IIT Bombay is roughly 7-10 lakh per annum and it even varies from 5-6 lakh to as high as 80-90 lakh per annum. So the usual monthly remuneration is around 50-60k which is quite good for a start. Website: http://www.iitcoachings.in/