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Coworking for Startups

Coworking spaces are seen as conceptual and practical office solutions by many startups. It’s an ecosystem that offers much more than a mere office space

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Coworking for Startups

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  1. CO-WORKING FOR STARTUPS What makes happy employees? The answer to this question is no longer a secret. It is engagement.

  2. The concept of co-working Co-working is defined as a methodology of bringing together teams with varied focuses to work under one roof, with guiding principles of collaboration and collectivity.

  3. What do Startups get out of Co-working spaces? Eco-system that fosters the sense of community and togetherness, infrastructure is a hygiene factor.

  4. 01 Collaboration: Teams discover vendors and potential clients at the co-working space. Meetings often turn into lasting impressions that lead to professional engagements at later stages. There is no other avenue available for small teams, which creates such water-cooler conversations within employees of different companies.

  5. 02 Belongingness A sense of community and belongingness is essential to ensure cutting-edge work. It is seen that employees that take pride in their workplace, perform remarkably better than the rest, and a coworking space ensures just that.

  6. 03 Resource sharing Creating a seamless workspace with facilities such as a gym, pantry or a relaxing zone might not be financially feasible, if your team size is very small. A co-working space introduces shared resources and common areas, making everything available without even stepping out of the office campus.

  7. 04 Employer of choice Young professionals are extremely keen on working out of well-designed, professionally maintained offices. They take pride in their desk-spaces and cabins and the space becomes their identity. Co-working spaces improve a brand’s look and feel to a potential hire.

  8. 05 Furnished and managed office space Having taken care of the basic infrastructure and maintenance requirements, teams can focus their resources on their core-work and delivery high performance. A professionally managed workspace is also more elegant to invite clients or other guests.

  9. 06 Diverse eco-system Employees in small teams typically limit their professional and social lives to their teams alone. A co-working space drastically changes this situation. With at least twenty different teams working on the same floor, it is highly likely you run into a new person every single day.

  10. 07 Higher Buying Power Teams working out of co-working spaces enjoy group benefits that are otherwise only available to large teams, including corporate benefits, retail discounts, entry vouchers etc.

  11. 08 Opportunities With most conversations happening in the open, requests for help, inputs and leads are heard and responded to directly. Some co-working spaces also provide notice boards that advertise needs and requirements both in terms of vendor engagements as well as employment opportunities.

  12. Co-working solves most of the challenges of small teams today. Regardless of whether you are an MNC branch or sales office, or a small startup just finding their feet, or a large company setting up a small office to test waters in a new location, there is always a solution in co-working for you. Thank You contact@ikeva.com

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