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Hamtramck Employee Engagement Leadership Initiative PowerPoint Presentation
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Hamtramck Employee Engagement Leadership Initiative

Hamtramck Employee Engagement Leadership Initiative

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Hamtramck Employee Engagement Leadership Initiative

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  1. Hamtramck Employee Engagement Leadership Initiative

  2. Why is Employee Engagement So Important?

  3. Annualized Net Gain The Value of Engagement is Real After researching 132 Fortune 500 Companies that utilized Gallup’s Employee Engagement process we came up with the following business outcomes Turnover : - 26% Customer Satisfaction : + 12 percentage points Safety Expenditure : - 48% Productivity per Employee : +11% Innovation (ideas and dollar value) : 2.6x & 3x Engaged Workgroup Profitability:+15%

  4. Turnover Low- Turnover Orgs. High- Turnover Orgs. Safety Incidents Absenteeism Shrinkage Customer Productivity Profitability • 680,000 employees • 24,000 business units • 125 companies • 37 industries Difference between engaged and actively disengaged employees in unexcused absences Employee Engagement Outcomes Companies in the most engaged quartile have significantly better performance than those in the least engaged quartile Top quartile compared to bottom quartile

  5. EmployeeEngagement Correlates with Malpractice Payments Hospitals in the most engaged quartile pay $1,120,000 less in annual malpractice claims than hospitals in the least engaged quartile. .

  6. Employee Engagement is Directly Related to Nurse Turnover Results — Workplace Engagement Results — Nurse Turnover *360 Bed Facility

  7. Bottom 25% Middle 50% Top 25% (< 2.27) (2.27 -4.60) (>4.60) In-patient/Out-patient Admissions by PhysiciansChange over previous year across national hospital system Highly engaged physicians increased their level of admissions over the following year. - Disengaged physicians decreased their admissions. Average Change CE11 GM:

  8. Three Employees (US) Physically Present but Psychologically Disruptive, Unhappy and Insist on Sharing Their Unhappiness with Others Productive but Not Psychologically Connected, More Missed Days, More Likely to Leave Loyal, Psychologically Committed, More Productive, Higher Retention 16% 54% 30% Actively Actively Engaged Engaged Not Not Disengaged Disengaged Engaged Engaged

  9. Observations:What makes Hamtramck unique? • Provides service to the most cultural diverse community in the tri-county area. • Staff has diverse differences (generational, cultural, educational, etc.) which are often times misunderstood. • Press-Ganey scores are lowest in D-OC region and HFMG. • Located in a high Medicaid/Medicare, high female area. • Site lacks consistency: • Contractual arrangements • Administrative leadership • Provider turnover • Low turnover in support staff, in need of being re-energized and engaged.

  10. Observations:Is our leadership engaged? • Read a book called Engaged Leadership, By: Clint Swindall. • 12 challenges to engaged leadership • Began brainstorming about leadership, engagement vs. satisfaction, our employees and site, and program development.

  11. Engaged Leadership12 Challenges • Directional Leadership • Recruit support from the top 26 percent. • Prepare the organization for change. • Let them know how they contribute. • Constantly communicate • Motivational Leadership • Lead with positive motivation. • Celebrate small successes. • Encourage life balance for all employees. • Create a fair work environment. • Organizational Leadership • Identify and position the appropriate talent. • Build a bridge between generations. • Move toward real empowerment. • Establish a strategy to maintain success.

  12. Site LeadershipMission • To guide our colleagues and site from where they are, to where they have not been but have the ability to get to. • To be a “point of influence” for our colleagues in a positive, engaging way that encourages and empowers them to be innovative, make positive changes, have a voice and grow as a leader.

  13. Site Leadership Vision • To develop a program to incorporate engaged leadership and the system employee engagement initiative into one big initiative. • To allow each employee to have ownership over something that truly affects the Hamtramck clinic and the work they do on a daily basis. • Motivate and support each employee to use their talents and the system’s tools to contribute to the success of the Hamtramck clinic.

  14. Initiative Objectives • Understand and engage with the culturally diverse community to better serve their needs. • Work to identify and value the diverse differences within our work team to strengthen our clinical and financial outcomes. • Engage in patient and staff initiatives focused around service excellence, goal setting, staff morale, engagement, quality/safety, process improvement to enhance Press-Ganey scores. • Communicate, develop, and inform staff effectively and efficiently to re-energize and engage all staff to enhance their knowledge base and grow as leaders.

  15. Employee Engagement Liaison Morale Manager Social Supervisor Effective Communication Coach Service Excellence Supervisor Work/Life Balance Coach Generation Gap Guru Medical Mentor Diversity Director Seven Pillars Police Human Resources Officer Quality/Safety Supervisor Process Improvement Perfectionist Community Benefit Officer Leadership and Development Director Health and Wellness Coordinator Vitality Liaison Hamtramck Leadership Roles

  16. Guiding Principles… • Roles determined by randomization. • Job description and roles/responsibilities/expectations are determined by the leader in that role. • Report Outs: • Bi-annually each leader reports out at a monthly all-building staff meeting (2x/year) • Quarterly update meetings with Site Admin./RN Supervisor (4x/year): • Evaluation Process – PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) • Positive Feedback • Opportunities for Improvement • Improvement Strategies • Future I’s – Innovations, Initiatives, and Ideas • On-going “mini” update huddles • Effort will be documented on annual performance review • Leadership role will change annually.

  17. Where are we now… • Roles were chosen the 2nd week in April. • A 2-week brainstorm period was given. • Job description, roles, responsibilities, expectations, and future innovations have been documented and reviewed by Site Admin/RN Supervisor. • April report-outs have occurred, May 20th is the next scheduled report-out date for two leaders. • Engagement through leadership has definitely began especially by the early adopters who are having a positive influence on co-workers. • Metrics to measure success of initiative will be defined in the upcoming weeks.

  18. THANK YOU!Any Questions?