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R E P r o j e c t. Mr Bellesini- Wisdom. Well known.

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R E P r o j e c t

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  1. REProject

  2. Mr Bellesini- Wisdom Well known I think Mr Bellesini shows a lot of gifts within himself, but wisdom is the one that stands out for me because he shows the quality of experience , good choices, knowledge and being wise. He puts the wise choices into actions that helps and makes everyone happy. Think about this, if Mr Bellesini didn’t show wisdom in his life these children wouldn’t be in the state they are in.

  3. Saint Mary Mackillop- Courage Mary Mackillop showed heaps of courage during her life. She never gave up and she did everything she could do to help. She loved what she was doing (so did everyone else) and she is one of the most courageous people in history! In 1866 she built a school to educate children. She stood strong for what she believed in.

  4. Fr. Brian-Reverence Community Father Brian shows reverence whenever he enters church. He respects God and the church so much! He doesn’t talk about disrespectful things during church and stays silent during a silent prayer. He enjoys being a priest and respects God’s work.

  5. Family My Nan- Wonder and Awe My Nan shows wonder and awe in so many ways. She ALWAYS looks at the gifts of God within things. She is always thanking God for such an amazing world. She really appreciates the world God has made for us. She can easily see God’s work within things!

  6. Yourself Me- Right Judgment I have the gift of right judgment because I make the correct choices in life whether it means I should make that choice quickly or take my time to truly decide what is the right choice. The right choices I make lead to right actions which will help me during my life.

  7. Free choice My Dad- Knowledge My Dad has knowledge because he loves learning new things everyday. He understands how important education is for everyone. He has great skills to use during his life through education. He uses facts and information he has learnt during his life to help him in tough situations.

  8. My Mum- Understanding Free choice My Mum has the gift of understanding, she understands when I’m feeling sad, angry, happy, etc. . . . . When she understands me it makes me feel really good to know she understands me. She has the ability to understand people in a lot of different ways,

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