buy mtp kit in cheap price n.
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Buy MTP KIT in cheap price PowerPoint Presentation
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Buy MTP KIT in cheap price

Buy MTP KIT in cheap price

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Buy MTP KIT in cheap price

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  1. Buy MTP KIT in cheap price By combining two medicines Misoprostol and Mifepristone, the MTP kit is formulated. In order to enlarge the uterine contractions Misoprostol is used. The other medicine Mifepristone helps in stopping the effects of progesterone and works as an anti-hormone drug.

  2. The kit consists of five pills or tablets in which one is Mifepristone with power of 200mg and the other four pills are Misoprostol having power of 200 mcg. The combination of medicines in a kit helps to terminate pregnancy. Women can use this kit in fertilization upto 63 days or 9 weeks. One can be able to know the duration of pregnancy by consulting the doctor. The doctor will better advice you regarding your abortion and usage of MTP kit which helps you to consume it at right time and in right manner.

  3. Conditions for using MTP kit: There are some conditions of using this MTP kit and you should know them prior to its usage. You should consult your doctor related to following things like your blood group, consuming some other medicines, about breast feeding, any allergy and many others. The doctor will provide you expert advice regarding your health and usage of MTP kit also. If your doctor recommends you to use the MTP kit ten consume it as per the doctor’s advice. After consuming it you need a rest of 24 hrs of pregnancy termination. After 24 hrs you can restart your normal schedule as before pregnancy.