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IATA Courses in Mumbai PowerPoint Presentation
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IATA Courses in Mumbai

IATA Courses in Mumbai

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IATA Courses in Mumbai

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  1. Downloaded from: Best IATA Course Training Institute In Hyderabad Make Traveling your profession If you loves travelling and want to make it your career you can simply do that by giving people the best advice about their travelling. For that you need to have a proper degree. IATA Foundation exactly provides you that. You can earn a diploma in travel and tourism by studying IATA courses in Hyderabad. Learn how to fulfil client requirements This course will provide you the right amount of knowledge and will sharpen your skills that you need to have for working in the tourism industry. You can become a professional in the line of travel business. You will not only learn about travel accommodation in India, you will also be taught about how to manage reservations and all other necessary services globally. After completing the course you will be able to advice your travel customers better. You can learn about flight accommodation, hotel stay and many other aspects of a tour. The institute offers a total of 5 courses. IATA courses in Hyderabad also offers internships and scholarships. The courses provided are – ◆ IATA Foundation in Travel and Tourism Diploma ◆ IATA Travel and Tourism Consultant Diploma ◆ IATA Managing the Travel Business Diploma ◆ IATA Travel Sales and Operations Diploma ◆ IATA Cargo Introductory Diploma Now let’s tale a look at the highlights of the courses. ◆ IATA Foundation in Travel and Tourism Diploma :- Learn about the working environment of the travel industry. Know all the geographical industry codes. With this course learn how to provide the best customer service by providing your customers the best tour products. Eligibility of the course Airline reservation agents who has good knowledge about the airline industry. Tour operators and travel agents. Anyone who is working in a call centre. If you want a career in the tourism or the aviation industry. Course specifications Learn from the IATA certified trainers. The facility of regular mock tests. All the modern facilities in the classroom. You will learn about pre planned tour packages with car rental, rail travel and hotel stay and also about the functionality of the SABRE system. ◆ IATA Travel and Tourism Consultant Diploma :- You will learn about the travel industry and will also learn about hoe it functions. You will learn about all the possible travel destinations so that you can suggest your client with a best one for his or her holiday. The IATA course will also help you to improve your sales skills. With us you will come to know about how to design a tour. Learn the skills like how to process a ticket within the country or abroad and also gain skills like ticket exchanges and reissues. Learn from the best in the business and

  2. offer service like no other so that you can make your customer back to you time and time again for arranging their tour. Who should opt for the course Anybody who wants to have a career in Travel, Tourism and Aviation Industry. Travel consultants based on home and also retail travel consultants. Anyone who is a graduate in travel and tourism. Marketing and Sales personnel can also join. Course specifications We provide Mock tests on are regular basis and you can also check the assessment of the tests. IATA courses in Hyderabad offers interview technique classes and also free CV writing. You will not have any problems regarding the premise. Our classrooms are equipped with all modern facilities. Learn from the best and IATA certified trainers who are highly experienced in this field. ◆ IATA Managing the Travel Business Diploma :- It is a distance learning course. By studying this course you can learn all the management skills like product marketing and development, accounting and negotiation. Who should join the course Anyone who owns a travel agency or someone who is already working in a travel agency. If you want to pursue a career in travel and tourism industry or aviation industry. Someone who works in the middle management or entry level managers cab join this course. Course specifications You will be taught by IATA certified and professional highly experienced trainers. You will get the service of regular mock tests. We guarantee you that you will pass the course. Internships and Scholarships are also available. ◆ IATA Travel Sales and Operations :- With this diploma in your profile you will be considered eligible to be a travel agency manager or a travel agent. With the IATA travel sales and operational diploma you will be successful to present yourself in front of employers, customers and all the travel industry suppliers. You will be able to supervise a team to manage the travel business. You will also learn about the sales skills and can provide helpful advice to your clients. Plan properly and organize a tour with the help of this course. Who should choose it If you are a travel agent or consultant. If you are a call centre customer service agents. Anyone who is a Airline ticket and customer service agents. Course specifications You will learn specifically about accounting, travel industry laws and its regulations, management of tours and negotiations and most importantly the required skills in planning an event. 100% guarantee that you will pass the course. All our teachers are highly experienced and extremely professional. Facility of regular mock tests and complete assessment.

  3. ◆ IATA Cargo Introductory Course :- The air cargo industry is one of those industries that will grow over the next one or two decades. It's better that you learn and prepare yourself to become eligible to work in this industry with this degree. You will learn about the industry terminology and abbreviations and most importantly about the functions of cargo agencies and the airlines associated with them. You will be trained about the air cargo acceptance basic rating principles. After the completion of the course you will be able to arrange the air cargo shipments according to the IATA rules. You will have 100% accuracy in completion of air waybills. Who should attend People associated with airline and manufacturer sales industry. If you are an newcomer you can also opt for the course. If you are an air freight forwarder sales and marketing agent or a cargo agent you can also strengthen your skills by taking the course. Course specifications Guarantee that you will pass. Professional trainers. Mock tests facility. Experienced teacher and all of them are certified by IATA. Now as you know everything about the courses and its specifications, what are you waiting for just take the course become a professional in the track and tourism industry. Provide the best service to your customers with this diploma or internships and scholarships.