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Vanessa Masaryková

Vanessa Masaryková

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Vanessa Masaryková

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  1. Vanessa Masaryková 2013/2014

  2. Some facts from Slovak History • 1,Cyril and Metod-they founded the Slovak Alphabet.They were the first slaves.They translated many texts. • 2,Jánošík-or Juro Jánošík.He was born on 25.January 1668 in Terchová.He died on 17.3.1713 in Liptovský Mikuláš.He gave the poors and took from the richs. • 3,The Slovak National Prising-It was in 1994.It started 29.8.1944.They fought against the Germans.

  3. Some facts from Slovak History • 4,The Second World War-The fightining were conducted in Europa,Africa,Asia,America and Australia. • 5,Slovak National Theathre or SND is one of the most called amorial cultural industries in Slovakia.

  4. Trnava Region • Trnava region is a region in the wets part of the Slovak Republic.The Trnava region is one of the eight Slovak administrative regions.It was established in 1996.In terms of population,the region is smallest of all Slovakia regions.

  5. Towns and industries • Largest towns are Trnava,Piešťany,Hlohovec,Dunajská Streda,Sereď and Galanta.The region is quite productive in both industry and agriculture. • The proximity of capital Bratislava is an asset as many region settled multinational production companies,as Peugeot or Samsung.

  6. Sereď Sereď lies in Podunajská lowland,in county of Trnava on the river Váh.It has an area of about 3044 ha.In year 2009 it had more than 18 thousand inhabitants.It was founded in 1313.Last year (2013)Sereď celebrates its 700-th anniversary.

  7. The water castle There are the ruins of castle in the park,where the archeologists found many historic items.Žigmund Luxemburský built new castle in 1841.The family Esterházy lived there and the last inhabitants was baron Ohrestein with family.

  8. The rectory of Fandly It is situated on the square of M.R.Štefánik opposite the churchof John the Baptist. Now there is a museum, where you can find historical itens.

  9. The church of John Baptist It was build in 1781 in Baroque – Classicist style. In wall there are 2 gravestones from 16. and 17. century. They were originaly in an older church which was damaged by fire.

  10. Famous People • Ján Navratil: He was born in 1935 in Sereď. He worked a teacher and now the is a witter. His most famouse books are: in the garden, and behined garden, Blue light house. He writes also cartuns and puppit plays for TV.

  11. Jaroslav Červenka: He was born in 1937 in Šintava and he lived in Sereď. He was famous jazz clarinet player, composer and teacher. He played in a band Ali Jazz Band. In the year 1993 he got a price of Ladislav Martoník.

  12. Industry In Sereď there are a lot of famouse industries: • sugar mill • I.D.C. HOLDING – SEDITA • ZIPP • SEMMELROCK • HUBERT

  13. :) Thank you for atention :)