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Tim Green

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Tim Green

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  1. Tim Green

  2. About His Life • Tim Green was born December 16th, 1963 in Liverpool, NY. • He went to Syracuse University and studied writing and law. • Tim played defensive linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons until he retired in 1994. • Upon retiring, he had already published his first book, The First 48. He became a lawyer, a writer and a television broadcaster. • Tim is on the board at GolisanoChildren's Hospital in New York. • Tim has written more than a dozen books for adults and writes sports novels for kids.

  3. WHAT MOTIVATED Tim Green to write? • His passion for sports motivates him to write about sports • He loves to write • Quotes: • “It’s not easy growing up, but it sure can be fun” • “Being successful is fun on the field and in the classroom”

  4. the genres of Tim Green books • Tim's books are mostly sports fiction because of his background playing football and other sports. • A couple of his books are nonfiction, about getting to the NFL (National Football League) and being in the NFL.

  5. What do people enjoy about his books? • People love his wonderful figurative language • People think that it was cool how he was a football player and now a writer • People love visualizing his writing • People enjoy his artistic style • People like his charters and plot

  6. Tim Green’s Awards Tim green won many different awards throughout his career. • Young Adult Book Awards • IRA Middle Grade Choice award 2009/2010 • 2013 Nutmeg Book award • CBC Childrens Choice list

  7. What you can find on his website? • Information about his books. • You can find out when some of his new books are coming out. • You can also find out about any contests that might be going on. • You will learn that he use to be a NFL player and he also studied law. Then he began his writing career and working as a TV broadcaster on FOX NFL Sunday. He has also been on other shows including  Battlebots, Good Morning America, Court TV, A Current Affair, and most recently, Find My Family. • You will also find out that Tim Green likes to play the saxophone.

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