performance enhancing drugs n.
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Performance Enhancing Drugs PowerPoint Presentation
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Performance Enhancing Drugs

Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Performance Enhancing Drugs

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  1. Performance Enhancing Drugs Miss Mclaren

  2. Objectives • To Recall and apply the effects of blood flow during exercise and carbo-loading. • Identify the reasons why athletes may take drugs. • Describe the effects of four performance enhancing drugs. • Explain why certain drugs are best suited to specific sports.

  3. Recap Quiz • Why shouldn’t we eat directly before taking part in sport? A: Blood is needed to help digestion –if there is food in the gut, when the blood is shunted away from the stomach to the working muscles, it can cause stomach cramps. 2. How long should you leave eating before taking part in sport? A: 2-3 hours 3. What should an athlete training for the Marathon eat in the upcoming week before the event? A: Low carbs high protein at the beginning of the week – mid week switch to high carbohydrate diet. 4. Why do athletes need a high carbohydrate diet? A: Because it provides energy

  4. Why might an athlete take drugs? TASK: In pairs brainstorm the possible reasons for taking performance-enhancing drugs. Reasons for taking performance enhancing drugs Pair & share!!

  5. Performance Enhancing Drugs Drugs we will be examining are: • Diuretics • Steroids • Narcotic Analgesics • Beta Blockers Make a note of these in your books

  6. Collective Memory Task: In your teams of 3 – one at a time you will come out to the front. You will have 10 seconds to remember one piece of information. You will then go back to your group and recall the information – find the matching card and place it under the right heading. Narcotic Analgesics Diuretics Narcotic Analgesics Diuretics Steroids Beta Blockers Steroids Beta Blockers

  7. Who might take these drugs? Now we know what these drugs do – who might take them? Anabolic Steroids Beta Blockers Increases strength & muscle mass Blocks adrenaline & calms nerves Diuretics Narcotic Analgesics Speeds up fluid loss & Increases urine Mask Pain which means you can play on an injury.

  8. TASK • State what drug each of the performers might take. • Explain why each athlete might take these drugs. Example: The injured rugby player might take Narcotic Analgesics because he has sustained an injury. The analgesics would kill the pain so that he has still able to play despite his injury.

  9. Exam Question You have in front of you a set of exam questions that are from past papers. Without the use of your book answer the questions. When completed come to the front and collect a mark scheme!

  10. Plenary Diuretics Steroids Narcotic Analgesics Beta Blockers

  11. Plenary • 1. Why do you think using Diuretics is dangerous? • 2. What are the benefits of taking performance enhancing drugs? • 3. What are the negatives of taking performance enhancing drugs? • 4. Why would it NOT be beneficial for a rugby player to take beta blockers?

  12. Homework • Using the internet look up and make a list of possible side effects of taking steroidsas a performance enhancing drug. Helpful website:

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