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Welcome to The Gator Nation

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Welcome to The Gator Nation
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Welcome to The Gator Nation

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  1. Welcome to The Gator Nation New Faculty Orientation August 18 and 19, 2014

  2. Welcome from Provost Joseph Glover

  3. Welcome!UF Roadmap Presenters: Jodi Gentry, Assistant Vice President Bob Parks, Director, UF Training and Organizational Development Office of Human Resource Services

  4. Today’s Objectives • To increase institutional awareness so that you’re able to navigate through the complexities of our large university • To accomplish that, we will review: • Some history • Other key resources and facts • UF’s overall organizational structure

  5. UF is the state's oldest and most comprehensive university! And one of the largest

  6. UF’s Mission • The University of Florida is a comprehensive learning institution built on a land grant foundation • We are The Gator Nation, a diverse community dedicated to excellence in education and research and shaping a better future for Florida, the nation and the world

  7. UF’s Mission • Our mission is to enable our students to lead and influence the next generation and beyond for economic, cultural and societal benefit

  8. Our History

  9. Not only does UF have a strong history, we’re also a large organization

  10. We’re Big! • UF’s 300,000 alumni live in all 50 states and 130 foreign countries • UF serves as the home of the world's largest citrus research center (in Lake Alfred, FL) • This type of research is part of the land grant mission we just discussed

  11. We’re Big! • Approximately 5,400 distinguished faculty members with outstanding reputations for teaching, research, and service • Around 10,000 staff members in support of the university’s efforts • On any given payday, approximately 25,000 employees will receive a paycheck • Includes student assistants, temporary employees, etc.

  12. We’re Big! • UF students, numbering more than 50,000 • Come from more than 100 countries • All 50 states as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands • And each of the 67 counties in Florida • In 2012, more than 8,600 bachelors and nearly 6,000 gradu­ate and professional degrees were awarded

  13. We’re Big! • Florida has a 2,000+ acre campus with more than 979 buildings (including 180 with classrooms and laboratories) • More than 10,000 people live on campus • The UF residence halls have a total capacity of close to 7,500 students • Family housing adds another 1,900 married/graduate students and their families • 1500+ live in Greek housing

  14. We’re Big! • IFAS has 1291 buildings (of which 348 are on campus) and close to 17,000 acres of property (100 on campus) • Overall, the university's current facilities have a book value of more than $1 billion and a replacement value of $2.1 billion

  15. We’re also comprehensive!

  16. We’re Comprehensive • Florida has 16 colleges and more than 160 research, service, and education centers, bureaus, and institutes • More than 100 undergraduate majors are offered • The Graduate School coordinates approximately 200 graduate programs • Plus, UF has professional programs: • Dentistry, law, medicine, pharmacy and veterinary medicine

  17. UF’s 16 Colleges • College of Agricultural and Life Sciences • Warrington College of Business Administration • College of Design, Construction and Planning • College of Dentistry • College of Education • College of Engineering • College of the Arts

  18. UF’s 16 Colleges • College of Health and Human Performance • College of Journalism and Communications • Levin College of Law • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences • College of Medicine • College of Nursing • College of Pharmacy

  19. UF’s 16 Colleges • College of Public Health and Health Professions • College of Veterinary Medicine

  20. We’re Comprehensive • UF has been a member of the Association of American Universities, or AAU, since 1985 • Prestigious higher education organization comprising the top public and private institutions in North America • Research expenditures in 2012: $740 million • UF contributes nearly $6 billion annually to Florida’s economy and is responsible for nearly 75,000 jobs

  21. We’re Comprehensive • The University of Florida Cultural Plaza is home to: • Florida Museum of Natural History: The largest natural history museum in the Southeast • The Harn Museum of Art: One of the largest university art museums in the southeast • The Phillips Center for Performing Arts: One of the top 10 performing arts centers among the country's public universities

  22. UF Cultural Plaza • Located at the corner of Southwest 34th Street and Hull Road • http://culturalplaza.ufl.edu/

  23. UF Organizational Structure

  24. UF Employment • UF is considered a public corporation with “local employer status” • Florida's Constitution establishes a State University System that includes all public universities • A Board of Governors administers the State University System • Each public university, in turn, is administered by a Board of Trustees

  25. UF Board of Trustees • The UF Board of Trustees • Sets policy for the institution • Is responsible for the efficient and effective use of our resources

  26. UF President • The UF president is Dr. Bernard Machen • He was appointed by the UBOT and assumed his position on January 5, 2004 • As the university's 11th president, Dr. Machen is responsible for the general administration of all university activities

  27. Four Senior Vice Presidents

  28. Four Senior Vice Presidents

  29. At the Vice Presidential Level

  30. Other Helpful Information • InfoGator • HR and other campus news • news.hr.ufl.edu • my.ufl.edu • Faculty Update newsletter • Office of the Provost • www.aa.ufl.edu/faculty-update • UF Research listserv • research.ufl.edu/faculty-and-staff/initiatives.html • Inside UF • news.ufl.edu/category/inside-uf/

  31. Welcome!UF Roadmap Presenters: Jodi Gentry, Assistant Vice President Bob Parks, Director, UF Training and Organizational Development Office of Human Resource Services

  32. First in the Family: Recognizing Resilience and Supporting Dreams Edthephanie, FSU Speech-Pathology Master’s Program Nick, UF TEAMS employee, Academic Technology Phuong, Business Analyst at Deloitte in Miami Darius, Teach for America, St. Louis

  33. First Generation Student Support Presenter: Leslie Pendleton, Director Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs & Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars Program

  34. First Generation at UF • Most common definition – students whose parents have not earned a bachelor’s degree • Often from low-income family • Lack of college knowledge • Varying levels of home support • Fear of failure/family pressure/do I belong? • Underprepared/National Merit/Access to AP & IB • Self-directed and independent - many don’t easily ask for help • Motivated and resilient • Diversity they bring to UF

  35. Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars Program (MFOS) • Scholarship: meets full need (cost of attendance) for 8 semesters or bachelor’s degree • Eligibility: admitted, first-gen, low-income, FL resident • Program: Renewal requirements (2.0 GPA/24 credits) • 1st Year: Peer Mentor, First-Year Florida, Financial Workshops • 2nd Year: Career Workshops • 3rd Year: Long-Term Planning • 4th Year: Academy of Leadership (optional but encouraged), Life Coaching

  36. MFOS Continued… • Individual and collective student support • Academic tracking and follow up • Welcome and Graduation events • First Generation Student Organization • Campus partnerships/Advisory committee • Staff: Assistant Director & Graduate Assistant • Funding: private gifts, state, UF

  37. By The Numbers • 25% of entering 1314 freshmen class FG (1,606) MFOS: • 1300 current students; 3200 supported to date; 1542 alumni • 98% first-year to second-year retention rate • 65% four-year graduation rate • 3.16 average GPA • $17,985 average family income ($105K at UF)

  38. Supporting the First Generation College Student • Be specific: Answer questions they didn’t know to ask • Provide networking & mentoring opportunities • Internships, connections to others, research • Ask about family and life before college • School/work/family responsibilities • Refer, give a name, follow up

  39. Supporting the First Generation College Student • Help students see what they do have and not what they’re missing – build confidence • Trickle down effect – impact of their college experience affects others in their family (younger siblings, cousins, etc.) • Be prepared for their gratitude Peer Mentoring Graduation Celebration, 2014

  40. How Can I Get Involved? • Serve as a Life Coach (“apply” on our website) • Sign our First Generation Advocate Pledge (coming soon!) • Research opportunities • Slip on your table • Stay in touch with alumni • Website: • http://fos.ufsa.ufl.edu/

  41. The Experts • Introductions: name, hometown, year in school, major • Please share any barriers you overcame to get to college • Share about your experience as a first-generation college student at UF: What has been one success and one challenge you’ve faced? • Could you share a positive experience you’ve had with a faculty member at UF. What was it about them that made a difference in your life? • How can faculty and administrators demonstrate support for you?

  42. Additional Resources • Cox, R. The college fear factor: How students and professors misunderstand one another. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2009. • First in the Family: http://www.firstinthefamily.org/ • McCaroon, G.P & Inkelas, K.K. “The gap between educational aspirations and attainment for first-generation college students and the role of parental involvement.” Journal of College Student Development, 2006, 534-548. • Oldfield, K. “Humble and Hopeful: Welcoming first-generation poor and working class students to college.” About Campus, 2007, 2-12. • Pascarella, E.T. et al. “First generation college students: Additional evidence on college experience and outcomes.” The Journal of Higher Education, 2004, 249-284.

  43. Thank You! www.fos.ufsa.ufl.edu lesliep@ufsa.ufl.edu

  44. Shared Governance Presenter: Pradeep Kumar, Professor of Physics, Chair, UF Faculty Senate and Member UF Board of Trustees

  45. Shared Governance The University of Florida has about 5,000 faculty members with distinguished records in teaching, research and service... Including: • 52 Eminent Scholar chairs • 35 members of the National Academies We’re pleased to have you join us!

  46. Faculty Titles Faculty have many titles, including: • Professor, Associate Professor, or Assistant Professor • Curator, Associate Curator, or Assistant Curator • Research Scientist, Associate Research Scientist, or Assistant Research Scientist • Scholar, Associate Scholar, or Assistant Scholar • Engineer, Associate Engineer, or Assistant Engineer • Distinguished Professor…Eminent Scholars and Endowed Chairs…

  47. Faculty Titles • Extension Scientist, Associate Extension Scientist, or Assistant Extension Scientist • University Librarian, Associate University Librarian, or Assistant University Librarian • Master Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, or Lecturer • PKY University Developmental Research School Professor, PKY Associate Professor, PKY Assistant Professor, or PKY Instructor • County Extension Agent IV, County Extension Agent III, County Extension Agent II, County Extension Agent I